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Rising Stars 275 Underclassmen Showcase

Rising Stars 275 Underclassmen Showcase will display the talent of these young and exciting high school players. These players will be competing for the opportunity to gain exposure to boost their recruiting stock for the upcoming season. There will be three phases of the showcase: one on ones, the best on best competition and having the opportunity of being coached by former top high school prospects with on the field drills.

Rising Stars 275 Underclassmen Showcase 1

Headlining the quarterback group, West Bloomfield's Bryce Veasley, who was number one in Oakland County in passing yards and led the Lakers to a playoff berth in his first year starting at quarterback. Southfield's Sam Johnson who holds multiple division 1 offers and led his team to the playoffs as only a sophomore. Another big name to look at for tomorrow will be Flint Carman-Ainsworth freshman Dustin Fletcher.

Fletcher will unleash his strong-arm talent for those who may not get the chance to see him regularly.On the defensive line, Southfield's Andre Carter who is coming off of an amazing sophomore campaign. Carter hold's multiple division 1 offers around the country.

And you can't forget Harrison's Ovie Oghoufo. Oghoufo, who committed to Notre Dame earlier this year is expected to be in attendance.To the defensive backs, how can you not expect the Cass Tech Technicians to make an appearance.

Corner back Kalon Gervin and Xavier Goldsmith both incoming sophomore's will be the wide receivers worst nightmare when this duo is out on the field together. Both corners have almost 30 offers combined. Oak park's All League DB Robert Daniel will be there looking to pick up where he left off at last season.

Rising Stars 275 Underclassmen Showcase 2

For the running backs, headlining this pool of great young backs will be 2,000 yard rusher Rashawn Allen from Orchard Lake St. Mary's. Allen led the Eaglets to win their 3rd straight Division 3 State Championship. Another great running back that will be in attendance tomorrow will be Davison's work horse Tariq Reid who was one of state's top performers last season.

Southfield's duo Brandon Gray and Lew Nichols will also be there to turn some heads.Athlete Kyren Cunningham from St. Mary's will have the opportunity to showcase his many talents on both sides of the ball.There will be tons of talent all across the board in this showcase.

Let the competition begin and see who will be the top performer in the Rising Stars 275 Underclassmen Showcase.For more information, contact Reggie Wynns()


Which kind of display showcase do you like for your jewelry store?

If I were you, I'd like a jewelry showcase suit for my jewelry store. That would be a bright and simple store. With warm color painted wall, like off-white, warm yellow, mint-green, bright light which won't make people uncomfortable, of course, the most important decoration is display showcase. I want a display showcase suit, there are different height of display kiosk, which can show people the merchandise from different angles. Also a reception counter is necessary for checking out. And a wall-mounted showcase is necessary too.

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The Cold Winter of Mobile Phone Is Approaching. Can Apple Grasp 5g Life-saving Straw
The Cold Winter of Mobile Phone Is Approaching. Can Apple Grasp 5g Life-saving Straw
While we still maintain our enthusiasm for the mobile phone market in the rapid progress and sharp marketing methods of Huawei, Xiaomi and oppo, the cold winter of the global mobile phone market is quietly approaching.According to recent data from strategy analytics, a market research company, in the third quarter of this year, global smartphone sales fell 8% year-on-year to 360 million. This is the fourth consecutive quarter of decline in global smartphone sales.The third-party consulting firm attributed the plight of the smartphone industry to the significant reduction of subsidies from wireless operators, the longer user renewal cycle, inventory backlog in multiple regions and the lack of exciting hardware design innovation.Compared with Chinese enterprises used to dancing in the Red Sea, Apple seems to be losing confidence in the quagmire of "middle-aged crisis". Although Apple's earnings and revenue reached a new high in the third quarter, the sales data of the three major electronic devices led by the iPhone were disappointing. Not only was the global sales volume of iPhone surpassed by Huawei, but also the share price fell sharply, repeatedly breaking through the market value of 1 trillion.In addition to the downturn in the terminal market, Apple's new product launch at the end of last month can be called the most nonexistent Apple launch in history. For the forgotten MacBook Air, mac mini and iPad pro, in addition to the performance upgrades such as it screen, chip and hard disk capacity, the only impressive thing is the price rise.Many people once thought that apple without jobs would no longer be the apple that can lead the global consumer market. However, with the sales and market value of Apple products singing all the way in the post jobs era, this worry and nostalgia for Steve jobs are slowly diluted.After iphone6, it is difficult to have Apple products with revolutionary design language and functional innovation, which faithfully continues the gene left by jobs.Apple is still Jobs's apple, but its ability to innovate the whole industry stayed on October 5, 2011. The price rise can be said to be the most thorough overdraft of "jobs". After the carnival of trillion market value, Apple's turning point has come.Smartphone enters "arc top cycle"The year-on-year decline in shipments in the smartphone market for four consecutive quarters is not an occasional phenomenon. This decline began as early as last year.According to IDC's global quarterly mobile phone tracking data, global smartphone shipments fell by 0.5% in 2017, the first year-on-year decline since the launch of smartphones. Among them, shipments in the Chinese market decreased by nearly 5% in 2017, which is an important factor leading to the decline of global sales. EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) also decreased by 3.5%, and the U.S. market is relatively stable.After a continuous decline in the first three quarters and a large decline in the third quarter, the total sales volume of the smartphone market this year will only continue to decline year-on-year in 2017. In addition to the well-known factors such as the high penetration rate of the smartphone market, the weakness of operator channels, the high inventory of mobile phone sales channels, and the lengthening of the exchange rate cycle, it does not matter if the industrial chain is highly mature.The PC and home appliance industries that have entered the IT industry chain clearly show us the cruelty and boredom of the red sea hand to hand combat in the arc top cycle. The PC industry and home appliance industry, which were once very popular, began to become transparent after the market penetration was close to saturation and overcapacity.According to the price and market positioning, we are making homogeneous choices among limited core component suppliers such as chips and storage, using the same batch of suppliers' materials, the same OEM, and even the hardware integration scheme is provided by a professional third party. Downstream terminal brand manufacturers have become the role of assembly and combination.It is difficult to establish substantive differentiation between products of various brands. The performance of core components determines the selling point of products, which leads to the acceleration of the degree of liking the new and hating the old, and the life cycle of a single product is greatly compressed.On the other hand, there is great uncertainty when resorting to perceptual factors such as brand marketing and appearance design. Under the industrial environment of short (product life cycle), flat (channel flat) and fast (market change), a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises gradually lose their R & D and design ability in the meager profits, eventually become assembly manufacturers and are quickly eliminated. The market will move towards rapid concentration at the top of the arc cycle.Another major feature of the industrial arc top cycle is that the Chinese market begins to determine the pattern of the global market. At the same time, in the short and fast red sea competitive environment, China's leading enterprises show flexible competitiveness.In the PC era, Lenovo has become a global leader in PC business after acquiring IBM, German MEDION AG, Japanese NEC PC business and Fujitsu's PC business respectively. As the core market accounting for nearly one-third of the global market share, the fluctuation of the Chinese market always affects the pattern of the global PC market.In the field of household appliances, this performance is more obvious. After experiencing the scenery of high-speed growth period, foreign brands such as Japan and South Korea, which once swept the Chinese market, began to fail as soon as they switched to the Red Sea mode. Last year, the global market share of Chinese household appliances reached 56.2%, including TCL, Skyworth, Midea, Haier, Gree and other domestic brands, which not only dominated the Chinese market, but also made great achievements in global market expansion.The performance of the mobile phone market for four consecutive quarters has begun to fully show the characteristics of the arc top cycle. The scale of China's mobile phone market has been close to one third of the total global mobile phone market. The dependence of the world's major mobile phone brand manufacturers on the Chinese market is deepening, and the quality of the Chinese market also determines the performance of the global mobile phone market.Although Samsung still holds the top position in the global mobile phone market share, its market share in the Chinese market has collapsed to less than 1%, which directly led to its weak growth, with a year-on-year decrease of 13% in the third quarter of this year. Under the dual pressure of declining sales and weak product innovation, professional managers are playing a good man in the capital market by deeply overdrawing the apple brand.Behind the apple boom, there is an amazing decline. If Apple still fails to make decent technological innovation and product function design leading the consumer market in subsequent new products, it may exhaust the last patience of loyal consumers for many years.5g can't be a "life-saving straw"Ryan Reith, vice president of IDC's all mobile phone tracking report project, is optimistic about 5g. He believes that the full deployment of 5g network is a great driving force for the smartphone market.In my opinion, the situation may be just the opposite. The deployment of 5g will completely open the prelude to the decline of the smartphone market.The industry is looking forward to 5g, because several core technologies of 5g are the necessary foundation to support the scenario of scientific and technological development. In the future, wireless networks will deploy more than 10 times more wireless nodes than existing stations. In the coverage area of macro stations, the proportion of active users to stations may reach 1:1, that is, users and service nodes correspond one by one. The ultra dense heterogeneous network 5g network will support more than 1000 times the growth of traffic in the future.It can be predicted that the audio, video, image and other services for large-scale users will usher in a rapid growth, 5g technology will play in and out of the content distribution network, and an intelligent virtual network will be added to the traditional network to carry the massive and high-capacity new transmission content. D2D and M2M technologies will also usher in large-scale development after the popularity of 5g network. Short distance data direct transmission technology and intelligent communication interaction between machines will endow the machine terminal itself with more "wisdom".When 5g reaches the popularization scale of 4G network, the number of interconnected terminals in the world will exceed 50 billion, truly realizing the interconnection of all things. Cloud computing has entered the mobile end in the 5g era. The mobile intelligent terminal in the mobile network will connect to the remote service provider in an on-demand and easy to expand way to obtain the required resources.With the support of a new generation communication network based on 5g and smart phones, multi-modal smart terminals will fully penetrate into all individual independent life scenes. It has gradually become clear that the smart home scene ecology created by Amazon Alexa voice system and echo smart speaker, and many Internet giants and car companies are struggling to promote automatic driving and smart car ecology. And major developed economies have planned smart cities.Smart phones will not only face the diversion of multi form and multi entry smart terminals in the future, but also break the uniqueness of mobile phone functions. In terms of the layout of future multipolar terminals, Apple has not yet handed over a qualified answer. As the world's most valuable technology company, Apple's investment in R & D in 2017 was lower than that of traditional technology giants such as Google, Microsoft and Intel.Apple without jobs, in addition to continuing to run wildly in the dividends of ecology and product planning left by jobs, its mediocrity in the development of new fields and product technological innovation has exceeded people's expectations."Mediocre fate" under trillion market valueAs the successor appointed by jobs, cook is the loyal executor of jobs' strategy. He has excellent supply chain management and cost control ability. On the product roadmap planned by jobs, he maximized the consumer cultural influence and market appeal created by jobs for apple, and created an apple with the most money and the highest market value in constant compromise.Apple's growth crisis has been fully exposed when Apple's mobile phone creates high profits by raising prices on the basis of a sharp decline in sales, and throws out a stock return plan of $100 billion at the peak of market value with a cash reserve of $285 billion, but its R & D investment is nearly double that of Amazon, the second largest technology company by market value.There are many examples of prosperity and decline in the mobile phone industry. From Ericsson, Motorola to Nokia, when indulging in existing achievements, losing the power of innovation and change, and missing technological revolution and key market opportunities, a giant often collapses much faster than its hard-earned market position.Apple under the feast of trillion market value is Jobs's last spiritual totem.
1896 College Football Season
1896 College Football Season
1896 college football seasonThe 1896 college football season had no clear-cut champion, with the Official NCAA Division I Football Records Book listing Lafayette and Princeton as having been selected national champions. Lafayette finished with an 11-0-1 record while Princeton had a 10-0-1 record. In the second game of the season for both teams, Lafayette and Princeton played to a scoreless tie. Both teams had signature wins: Lafayette defeated Penn 6-4, giving the Quakers their only loss of the season, while Princeton defeated previously unbeaten Yale, 24-6, on Thanksgiving Day in the last game of the season. Princeton was retroactively named the 1896 national champions by the Billingsley Report, the Helms Athletic Foundation, the Houlgate System, and Lafayette and Princeton were named national co-champions by the National Championship Foundation and Parke Davis— — — — — —1892 college football seasonThe 1892 college football season was the season of American football played among colleges and universities in the United States during the 1892-93 academic year. The 1892 Yale Bulldogs football team, led by head coach Walter Camp, compiled a perfect 13-0 record, outscored opponents by a total of 429 to 0, and has been recognized as the national champion by the Billingsley Report, Helms Athletic Foundation, Houlgate System, National Championship Foundation, and Parke H. Davis. Yale's 1892 season was part of a 37-game winning streak that began at the end of the 1890 season and continued into the 1893 season. All eleven players selected by Caspar Whitney and Walter Camp to the 1892 All-America college football team came from the Big Three (Yale, Harvard, and Princeton). The selections included center William H. Lewis, the first African-American All-American. Five of the honorees have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame: quarterback Philip King, fullback Charley Brewer (Harvard), end Frank Hinkey (Yale), tackle Marshall Newell (Harvard), and guard Art Wheeler (Princeton). Several colleges and universities in the Deep South established football programs in 1892, including Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and South Carolina. In the first college football game in the region, Georgia defeated Mercer on January 30, 1892. On September 28, 1892, the first football game played outdoors at night took place, between Wyoming Seminary and Mansfield State Normal. The lighting proved difficult and the game ended at halftime in a scoreless tie.— — — — — —1891 college football seasonThe 1891 college football season was the season of American football played among colleges and universities in the United States during the 1891-92 academic year. The 1891 Yale Bulldogs football team, led by head coach Walter Camp, compiled a perfect 13-0 record, outscored opponents by a total of 488 to 0, and has been recognized as the national champion by the Billingsley Report, Helms Athletic Foundation, Houlgate System, National Championship Foundation, and Parke H. Davis. Yale's 1891 season was part of a 37-game winning streak that began at the end of the 1890 season and continued into the 1893 season. In the Midwest, Kansas led the way with a 7-0-1 record. In the South, Trinity (now known as Duke) was recognized as the champion. Ten of the eleven players selected by Caspar Whitney to the 1891 All-America college football team came from the Big Three (Yale, Harvard, and Princeton). The eleventh player was center John Adams from Penn. Five of the honorees have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame: quarterback Philip King (Princeton), halfback Lee McClung (Yale), end Frank Hinkey (Yale), tackle Marshall Newell (Harvard), and guard Pudge Heffelfinger (Yale).— — — — — —1884 college football seasonThe 1884 college football season had no clear-cut champion, with the Official NCAA Division I Football Records Book listing Princeton and Yale as having been selected national champions.— — — — — —1934 college football seasonThe 1934 college football season was the 66th season of college football in the United States. Two New Year's Day bowl games were initiated to rival the Rose Bowl Game. On February 15, Warren V. Miller and Joseph M. Cousins organized the New Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Association and by October, the group had enough funds to sponsor the Sugar Bowl. Meanwhile, W. Keith Phillips and the Greater Miami Athletic Club worked in November at a January 1 game for Florida, and the Orange Bowl was created. Once again, a Big Ten team was selected by Professor Dickinson (of the University of Illinois) as the national champion, with the undefeated Minnesota Golden Gophers being accorded the honor. The conference, however, still had a bar against its members playing in the postseason, so Minnesota did not play in any of the bowl games. The undefeated and eventual Rose Bowl champion Alabama Crimson Tide was selected national champions by Dunkel, Williamson and Football Thesaurus.
Carrier Bags Are the Best Way to Protect and Organize Your Luggage
Carrier Bags Are the Best Way to Protect and Organize Your Luggage
There is currently no opt-out for the carrier approval processes, and the only way to get direct updates is to re-flash your device with country-variant firmware.This functionality was widely rumoured (and Microsoft even alluded to it) but it did not make the cut. Possibly in 8.1?1. should we name the next aircraft carrier the Constitution,or something American?Constitution is already taken. Old Ironsides is STILL listed as being an active Vessel. she even gets underway twice a year and actual Active Duty Sailors are assigned to her permanently2. Can a Super Stallion lift an aircraft carrier?I vaguely remember back to the mid 1970's that the US Navy used two RH-53D's to tow an LPH just to see if they could. I saw this picture decades ago, and have never been able to find it again. Does anyone in Quoraland know anything about this?.3. Why USA obsessed with expensive Aircraft Carrier and Sub?Navies RN USN Canadian at the end of WW2 the RN was still the biggest until 1972 when the British closed down all kits bases East of Suez4. Is it possible to use a Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 with any other carrier or Pay-Per-Use carrier?Just call H2O wireless, they will connect you in minutes, 80 minutes for $10.00 which is their minimum; it is a pay as you go service, however they have other plans as well, no jailbreaking or unlocking is necessary, happy talking!!!5. how can homeplug device send ethernet down mains wiringRemember how phone lines with a 64k modem in a 4kHz BW or 16bps/Hz had to be reduced to 56k due to FCC/EMI? HomePlug AV only uses 917 of 1155 sub-carriers so each sub-band is like an audio FM channel that is equalized flat in that band with 4, 8 or 16 bps/Hz or so in each sub-carrier. The beauty of DSP power is to FFT and equalize so each small sub-band has a flat response. The latest standard supports 200 Mbps over home power lines. ADSL and cable modems use a similar ODFM method, but much larger sub-bands.So it's just a fancy RF Modem6. No sim card inserted, can I get a phone carrier?You can check the IMEI online and you will be able to find out what carrier it's locked to7. what carrier is best while in Mexico?I used Sprint while traveling in Mexico and had absolutely no problems with the service. I am sorry I can not be of more help! Happy traveling!8. Can you recommend a good comfortable infant sling/carrier?I love my ergo!!!9. which cellphone carrier is the BEST?!??!?It depends on where you live. However, in most surveys, Verizon consistently scores highest in terms of customer satisfaction based on call quality10. Which phone carrier is better Net10 or Straight talk?see my previous answer11. I am looking for a baby carrier cover replacement.?That's the usual. You are better off buying a new carrier unfortunatly. I had the sam problem. I had a blue cover and wanted to change it but the prices were outrageous!! I searched and searched and ended up just keeping it blue, it really does not matter12. question about in-flight pet carrier?I've always heard the rule is that it must fit under the seat. If it will squish down, I would think that would work. But your best bet is to call the airline you will be flying with and ask them specifically. You would hate to get to the airport and find out that the carrier is not acceptable13. Can sailors feel a jet landing on an aircraft carrier?If you are on the O-3 level, the deck directly underneath the flight deck, you can definitely feel and hear it. Spaces underneath the Landing Area (LA) get very loud, to the point that some sailors working there need hearing protection. The spaces shake when a plane's on one of the catapults and goes to full power. The O-3 is also where most of the Air Wing's living and working spaces are, on the presumption that if flight ops are going on, they are all up and about14. Which baby carrier is your favorite?I particularly have heard stable issues approximately the two the maya wrap and the bjorn provider. I want my ring sling, it is versatile and straight forward to apply, plus that's a delicate fabrics that is not get us all warm and sweaty because of the fact we live in FL. My daughter is 11 months previous and it nonetheless works basically nice for us. in the process the less warm months I favourite to apply my own hand-crafted wrap out of basically a dash jersey cotton that measured 5 yards long and that i decrease right into a strip approximately 20" extensive. it is likewise very versatile, and does not placed extremely some rigidity on your shoulders, even nevertheless it is basically too heat for the summer season right here in FL. i could say the two of those is stable from delivery and up.
Republican  Fervour
Republican Fervour
Ondine, 299 Queen Street, Melbourne, 9602 3477For some, realisation comes later than others. The talent behind est est est was never entirely manifest for me until a dinner in June last year. I won't bore you with the details; suffice to say that Donovan Cooke's vichyssoise with freshly shucked oysters remains one of the most satisfying things I have ever eaten. And the rest of the food, wine and service dripped with inspiration, too. By that stage, nearly four years into the restaurant's life, co-proprietor Frank Heaney had gathered a floor team whose enthusiasm diffused the sometimes funereal ambience of est. It was actually a fun night out.But by then, talk was already rife of evolution; that est, in some form, would move from South Melbourne to something bigger and smarter. Probably in the city. The owners had done what they could with Clarendon Street. And from a practical point of view - not that the diner should necessarily care what goes on behind the scenes - the kitchen was ordinary. Give these guys a smart room, with good facilities, it was reasoned, and you'd have a seriously good restaurant. An even better one than est had become.And so someone has.Enter uber-architect Nonda Katsalidis, whose basement Republic Tower restaurant wasn't really going anywhere. Est closed; Luxe - est's St Kilda venture - was sold; plans to re-launch as Sous Sol, in Russell Street's Hero building, were put on the back burner.And for now, Cooke, his wife Philippa, and front-man Heaney are running Katsalidis' restaurant. It's called Ondine. And it is seriously good.A multi-layered space of infinite surfaces - glass, timber, carpet, bluestone, cut concrete, cement render, leather, sculpture and other modern art - the dining room manages both the intimacy that comes from being cocooned within warm materials with a modest ceiling height and the feeling of optimism and light that comes from the vast, abutting atrium. Access to Republic Cafe from the restaurant has been closed, making Ondine a discrete entity. The things that were good about est est est are good about Ondine. Service. Wine. Personnel. And, of course, food. I don't want to imply any particular expertise on the Cooke/Sibley-Cooke food, but it seems to have lightened up over the years, drawing influences from Australia and local preferences without losing its classical roots. That's most obvious at lunch, when dishes are pared back to a simpler, less-embellished formula than at night (with appropriately lower prices). But even when the sun has gone, the food, while very refined, is never fussy. It's post French-classical, post New British, and thoroughly New Australian.Tables are simple: good glasses, white linen, classic cutlery, sel gris, a disc of French butter, no pepper, supremely comfortable leather-upholstered bistro chairs (or banquettes). Petite, crusty submarines of house-made bread cruise the dining room in a basket borne by smiling waiters.Right.First, an intensely flavoured, frothy little yabbie bisque with Cognac that, like everything sensational, is short, sharp and leaves unrequited desire. Pieces of yabbie flesh are suspended in a slightly creamy soup that combines persistent shellfish/fortified liquor flavours with a seductive mouth-feel. The perfect tease.Continuing with extraordinary liquids, a sparkling, vine-ripened tomato consomme ($20) comes alive in the mouth, scented with baby basil and other baby herbs as well as the obvious smells of seafood: pipi, shavings of calamari, a scallop. Two black pasta parcels - agnolotti of crustacea - lurk in the raspberry-coloured depths. The sweet-savoury flavour balance of the consomme challenges description; the dish is stunning.So, too, is a salad combining grilled figs, various baby lettuces, smoked duck breast and roasted scallops, ringed with a jammy, golden and warm mustard fruit dressing ($19.50). Like all the dishes, there is careful order to the assembly of the components, but not so you'd call it overworked. Ondine's is a spare art.This time, smoky, rare duck with a salty-chewy skin gets into bed with the faintly sweet, fleshy figs, makes love, and asks the scallops to make it a menage a trois. The addition of scallops perhaps shouldn't work, but it does, and it's absolutely memorable.The menu is a wonderland of modern fine dining. A "tranche" of poached salmon ($30), pink flesh falling away in firm leaves, is served on a bright tomato "sauce gazpacho" studded with dried black olive. The counterpoint is a cannelloni filled with mudcrab and soft herbs, including coriander, draped in a creamy fish veloute that has seen 20 seconds of salamander flame, leaving salty brown hints. The dish is a stunner, although the crab, tonight, is oversalted, the only fault of the evening's cooking.A simple, dark-roasted pigeon ($36) arrives, sectioned, on top of sauteed spinach and a gallette of ultra-finely sliced potato. The dish says a lot about Cooke, particularly the sauce: rich, powerfully flavoured yet light in consistency, it is a pigeon stock mounted at the last minute with foie gras butter and finished with pellet-sized zanti red grapes and their marinade, Muscat de Beaumes de Venise. A perfect expression of the liaison between game bird and grape.Sorbet. The perfect lemon sorbet in a martini glass. Then more grilled figs, this time part of a vacherin - a meringue dessert - with soft, piped and perfect vanilla icecream over them ($16). The meringue, too, is perfect: piped to create a raft of side-by-side tubes - like a li-lo - it has a distinctly art deco appearance, and each raft forms the upper and lower decks of a "sandwich". Blueberries in a red wine/star anise syrup guard opposite corners of the rectangular plate.Last is a "tartlet" of fresh raspberries ($17), which may suggest a flaky pastry (it did to us): it is, in fact, a tart of sable pastry with its unique texture somewhere between shortbread and cake. It is layered with white Valrhona chocolate, a circle of berries dusted - like little alpine spruces - with icing sugar. A quenelle of lovely raspberry sorbet at the centre is touched with gold leaf. Notwithstanding the quality of the components, this was the only dish that didn't do it for me in a major way. Sable biscuits just don't ring my bells.If only there were space to tell of other dishes. Ondine has the potential to become one of Melbourne's signature restaurants. It has rigour. But for now, for me, it is the best classically influenced food in Melbourne, with all the extras. A must-visit restaurant.THE SCORE: 17/20Very, very sophisticated. The food of Donovan and Philippa Sibley-Cooke continues to evolve at Ondine. Which means it's probably the best food in Melbourne.Where: 299 Queen Street, Melbourne, 9602 3477Food: modernBill: about $110 for two (two courses and coffee) plus drinks; cheaper at lunchOpen: Mon-Fri midday-2.30pm, 6.30-10pm, Sat 6.30-10pmOwner: Nonda KatsalidisChefs: Donovan Cooke and Philippa Sibley-CookeWine list: excellent, not encyclopaedic, yet full of interest. Many price points are covered, although many are above $60. Vegetarian options: two entreesSmoking: courtyardSeats: 100, private room 50Outdoor dining: internal courtyardWheelchair-friendly: wheelchair patrons should inquire about special arrangementsParking: street or paidCards: AE BC DC MC VScores: 1-9: unacceptable, don't bother. 10-11: just OK, some shortcomings. 12: fair. 13: getting there. 14: recommended. 15: good. 16: really good. 17: truly excellent. 18: an outstanding experience. 19-20: approaching perfection, Victoria's best.
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