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Why Donu2019t Surfboards Have More Elaborate Artwork and Color As Seen on Skateboard Decks and Snowb

I believe the main reason is that surfboards are a longer and harder process to make than skateboards. Shaping a surfboard that surfs well is a craft that requires great expertise, and most people who are skilled in that trade aren't artists themselves, and adding artwork to a surfboard is just another huge step in the process.Another huge reason is you can't exactly print directly onto a surfboard like you can with a skateboard. With skateboards, you can run the wooden blanks through a flatbed large-format printer to mass-produce digital designs. However, with surfboards, the 'easiest' process to apply elaborate artwork is by printing on rice paper, and applying it to the board before the final glassing process.The other option is artwork by hand. Skateboards are much smaller, and will withstand regular paints much better than surfboards can, along with being a much faster process. With a finished surfboard, any artwork you apply is merely temporary (with the exception of vinyl, which is only mostly-permanent, but will add more weight onto the board). Most paints and markers will wash off eventually, even with a clear-coat spray paint. So, with the sheer size of a surfboard compared to a skateboard, along with the niche popularity of surfboards vs skateboards (skating is much more worldwide and popular than surfing), it only makes sense that vivid and elaborate designs are more prominent on skateboards. That being said, you can always find someone who's willing to commission their artwork on a surfboard, if you have the funds for it. One of my personal custom-made surfboards has custom artwork applied underneath the glass, and it's currently hanging up on my wall in my apartment. In fact, the surfboard shaper and the artist I commissioned later collaborated on a few more surfboards and won 1st place in a couple trade shows. Although it was much much more expensive than a regular surfboard ($1,600 as opposed to $600), I'd say it was well worth the art piece and the memory.Why don't surfboards have more elaborate artwork and color as seen on skateboard decks and snowboards?

Why Donu2019t Surfboards Have More Elaborate Artwork and Color As Seen on Skateboard Decks and Snowb 1

1. what type of tools do you need to build a complete skateboard?

If you need to put the griptape on, you will need a razor. For trucks and all you need a screw driver and a skate tool you can get at a skate shop. Just look at videos of people putting completes together and you got it.

2. How much should I sell my used skateboard decks for?

Used Skateboard Decks

Why Donu2019t Surfboards Have More Elaborate Artwork and Color As Seen on Skateboard Decks and Snowb 2

3. Can i use regular skateboard trucks on a wide cruising board?

well depending on how wide the board is compared to the trucks the only issue you may have is the turning may be way to easy and u may wobble a lot because of the size difference, it may also look a little funny too but otherwise it should work

4. What Is California Law on Riding an Electric Skateboard? :: Los Angeles County Crime Defense Lawyers Greg Hill & Associates

With the recent media attention heaped upon local cities struggling to accommodate electric scooters provided by Lime, Bird, Lyft and Uber to relieve local automobile traffic congestion by offering more convenient alternative transportation, electric skateboards are being scrutinized by local law enforcement. Such skateboards can move a person along at over twenty miles per hour, posing the same risks to the users and pedestrians trying to share the sidewalk with such skateboard users. Such skateboard users, like the electric scooter users, often also use public roadways, bike lanes and other walkway areas. Collisions are inevitable, but can be minimized if one uses such skateboards with respect and caution for others. The electric skateboards are fun to use and can move someone up a hill at a fairly quick speed as well, so new electric skateboard users are sure to increase and they may not have the skills needed. Bumps, bruises and few broken bones are inevitable, even if the user does not collide with anyone else. There are also motorized skateboards that often are loud and use gasoline with a small engine. This article's scope is limited to just the electric models of skateboards, which have proliferated in recent months. This article was inspired by Justin Morrison, a young man who lives in West Hollywood and was threatened with a ticket if he used his electric skateboard. His skateboard is about 3 feet long and has an electric motor underneath. He was stopped by a West Hollywood motorcycle (police) officer as he was walking out of his home, holding his skateboard, before even riding his electric skateboard. It seemed odd to him that a police officer would prioritize warning him not to use his electric skateboard, but with the clutter caused by unused electric scooters and the reported collisions between scooter riders and pedestrians, the officer may have had the same concern with anyone using an electric skateboard. Local police no doubt have been inundated with calls for more active monitoring of electric scooter users as such scooters are being aggressively promoted in local cities. Mr. Morrison then called our office to ask what the California law is using an electric skateboard. California Vehicle Code 21968(a) states that a motorized skateboard cannot be used on any sidewalk, roadway or any part of a highway, bikeway, park or trail, equestrian or hiking or recreational trial. For purposes of this section, under Vehicle Code 313.5, an electrically motorized skateboard is not considered a motorized skateboard if is less than 60 inches long and less than 18 inches wide, is designed to transport just one person, has an electric propulsion system that averages less than 1,000 watt and its maximum speed is less than 20 miles per hour. As one may know, some electric scooters have a speed control setting that one can adjust to ensure one's speed remains below a set speed. Vehicle Code 21292 further states that a person shall not operate an electrically motorized board upon a highway, bikeway or any other public bicycle path, sidewalk or trail unless that person is wearing a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet. So, in other words, we think the police officer who threatened Mr. Morrison was simply wrong as long as Mr. Morrison wears a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet, keeps his electric skateboard below twenty miles per hour and does not ride it with two or more people aboard. We understand that police do have an interest in maintaining public safety by minimizing pedestrian versus scooter collisions, but the police officer should have instead asked our client if he intended to wear a helmet and remind him that the maximum speed for such an electric skateboard is 19 miles per hour. This same standard would apply to electric scooters such as those provided for free by Lime, Bird, Lyft, Uber and others, although we understand some local municipalities are debating legislation to remove the helmet requirement for adult users. Our advice to anyone using an electric skateboard is to enjoy it, use it and wear a helmet, but keep your speed below twenty miles per hour, respect all others seeking to share the road, a sidewalk or other walkway and never try to ride with another person on your board.

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