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Why Do Vertical Blinds Keep Coming Down and Landing on ...

Introduction to Falling Down Patio / Balcony / Vertical Blinds If you have a big old balcony or patio door you most likely have those long blinds that hang vertically from the top of the doorway. If you have vertical blinds you no doubt realize that these suckers fall down from time to time.

If you are wondering "Why do vertical blinds keep coming down and landing on the floor?" or "How do I fix the blind after it falls?" You have come to the right place.

Reasons Your Deck / Balcony Blinds Keep Falling Vertical blinds come down because they are generally made from material that is not particularly strong and a lot of stress is placed on this material Your blinds hang from a hook at the top of the door way. The hook is attached to a pretty thin and flimsy piece of plastic on the top of the blind. A great deal of stress is placed on this thin piece of plastic from any number of reasons including:

Gravity and Deck Door Blinds Gravity, of course. Constant stress on the material since the blind hangs with no 'rest'. Gravity plays a part in all the issues below.

Wind Weakens Blinds Wind causing the blinds to swing. Leave the door open so wind can get in and those blinds can really whip around. Much stress is placed on the already weak blind if it is windy.

Keep Reading Great Blind Repair Tips Below....

Keep scrolling down this post for more great reasons why the blinds keep falling as well as some sound advice on how to actually mend those shades. I have a real easy way further down this post to fix those blinds without ever leaving the house or buying anything (except maybe a little glue if you don't have that).

If you want to spend a little money and do more of a professional job, there are some blind repair kits you can check out below from Amazon. Click on any product below to learn more and.....

....and keep scrolling down this post after your Amazon visit for great tips to get those shades hanging again....

Back to the Reasons....People Walking Through Those Patio Door Shades Traffic. People walking between the blinds causes stress where the hook is attached to the blind. People push the blinds out of the way, walk through and let the blinds swing back banging against each other. Lots of wear and tear.

Opening and Closing The Blinds Opening and closing the blinds. Whenever you slide the blinds left and right or simply open them up, the motion causes "normal wear and tear" stress on the blind.

How to Fix Blinds to Keep Them From Falling Once your blind falls down, you do not have to run out and buy another one, especially if it looks to be in good condition. There is a way to fix the existing blind. I wrote a step by step guide on how to do this easy repair right in your home without any fancy tools or training. I linked it below.

How to Fix a Vertical Blind Not exactly the way Bob Villa (anyone remember him from "This Old House" ?) would do it, but then again Villa would likely rebuild the entire slider, door frame, porch, before even getting around to making the blind stay up.

Check out my post for a much easier way that won't be as expensive as a "This Old House" episode.

OK, I fixed the Blinds but What About My Front Door That Keeps Swinging Open?

Every have a door in your house that won't shut all the way? It might even swing open in a stiff breeze or just crack open itself as if some sort of invisible person was walking through it. Sometimes doors simply won't remain closed. I wrote an article that focuses on the typical front door of a house. This post will give you some tips on how to prevent it from swinging open on its own.

Check it out. I linked it below.

Looking for a More Conventional Way to Repair Blinds?

If you don't feel like running out to the store to buy a kit to repair vertical blinds and you'd rather not follow my cheap and easy advice above, then there's nothing wrong with fixing this problem the right way. The vertical blind repair kits below are also an inexpensive and easy way to fix those blinds .

Click on any product below to learn more. Not seeing what you want? Click on any product and you'll be taken to Amazons secure site where there are other great products for a variety of shade, window, etc home repairs.

Yes! HA! Definitely keep the kids away from the blinds. Especially the ones that like to use those shades like a Tarzan swing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Why Do Vertical Blinds Keep Coming Down and Landing on ... 1

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