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Why Do so Many Young Women Say, (We Were Property) When Defending Feminism?

feminists are like most other simple minded goons, such as nazi's or other racists, they bascially get drilled with hate speech propaganda, over and over, which they parrot from self sustaining repetition.. and then confuse this with intelligent thought

Why Do so Many Young Women Say, (We Were Property) When Defending Feminism? 1

1. Why do so many young women want to be strippers?

i would say women want to be strippers or whatnot simply cuz of attention. they probably grew up with guys ga ga ing over them and they just dont register it as bad attention. these women believe any attention is good attention. . i guess you could call it another "daddy didnt love me enough" or "too much" kinda thing. in the end, all whores are attention whores. sad really

2. Are representations of women in the media dangerous to young women?

In what respect? Do you mean in terms of body image? In the way that women are portrayed on TV and in the movies? As role models in regards to behaviour, drinking, partying, drugs etc? Give some examples to be specific about what you are asking.

Why Do so Many Young Women Say, (We Were Property) When Defending Feminism? 2

3. Do young women find balding inexperienced guys attractive?

Dude stand strong. If you can control your weight for six months then you have more going for you than a lot of guys in the states. Put that same energy in to finding "that girl." Think of it as finding someone who you are compatible with not as a girl who can stand my hairline. NO Those kind of women are not worth having. There are over 6 billion people on this planet and there are about just as many opinions on what beauty is; and we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also I would not think of my weight loss as something I did for women. I would think you should think of it as something you did for yourself. Something you put your mind to and completed to the end. Even if you do not find someone you know that you do have what it takes to keep your eating habits under control. Keeping trying different girls and do not give up. Good Luck dude.

4. I need some Halloween costume ideas (for young women)?

serial killer. get a tshirt, glue mini cereal boxes onit, glue plastic knife driving thru the cereal box and fake blood. smurfette blue leotard/bodysuit, white skirt, blue face paint, blonde wig

5. Are most young women gold diggers these days?

if i was a gold digger, i would have stayed with some of my ex boyfriends.. my husband makes crappy money and pays his ex child support.. we struggle week after week, but we wouldnt have it any other way.. money doesnt buy love. we would rather be poor and happy then rich and unhappy.. but yes there are alot of women out there that just want money, thats because they are insecure and need to make up for what they are lacking.

6. ...for young women who like older men...?

Well i do not know how much older we are talking about here.. but i am 20 and i would date a guy up to his thirties and all of my boyfriends have actually been quite a bit older than me. I do not really know why it just seems to be the guys i am attracted to. Also, they do seem to be more mature, a HUGE plus. And they also do not seem to be quite as shallow as some of the men closer to my age. Older guys also offer more security. In more way than one, however mainly emotionally.. just remember though u can not generalize.. not all younger guys are immature and shallow, not all older guys are mature or experienced.. u just gotta see the individual for who they are and try to not cut out too many great guys simply because of their age..

7. During the sixties, why were young women so venomous amd hateful towards men in the US military?

A lot of turmoil in the 60's I was in the Army and for a time stationed In San Fran and every weekend some of us went to the park in Height-Ashbury to listen to the bands. They were more against Washington and the war, in those days they took acid to tune out now they take Prozac to fit in. Look at this generation you do not see it do you.

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