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Where Can I Buy PH Tester Here in Mandaue Cebu City Philippines?

Where can I buy PH tester here in mandaue cebu city philippines?

Where Can I Buy PH Tester Here in Mandaue Cebu City Philippines? 1

pharmacy equipment store. or go to your suking botika

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Are White Sands, Tambuli, Shangri-La Mactan good beaches to go to near Cebu?

Yes! That's a nice beach. If you were in there, go the EPZA. Buy me a Timex Expedition Watch. They got a factory in there. Hmm, how about a paltik in Danao? edit: Just Joking.

Where Can I Buy PH Tester Here in Mandaue Cebu City Philippines? 2

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Need advice about a trip to cebu and manila.?

Manila to Palawan then back to Manila both by air Manila to Boracay via Caticlan by air Boracay to Cebu via Kalibo by air Cebu to Bohol by Waterjet or Supercat Bohol to Manila by air

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I'm expecting to be in Cebu end of March beginning April, what's there can be expected?

Rhianna will be there to welcome you with loving open arms. Feel free to toss around your usual insults about the Filipino people.

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Cebu Queen City United F.C.

Cebu Queen City United Football Club was a Filipino association football club based in Cebu City, Philippines. Founded in 2011 and affiliated with Cebu Football Association

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Do girls in the Philippines (Cebu particularly) have a negative impression of western men?

your actions will speak for you. if you go and fool around, or if you go with 'honorable' intentions, that will be who you are. imho, there is a certain amount of discreet 'fooling around' by men, that is acceptable and unremarkable in filipino culture, and this double standard also exists in the west, it is OK for men to have dated a lot before marriage, however in some circles it is a scandal if women have done the same.

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what is nearest airport to gingoog city, PI.. need to travel from cebu to gingoog city?

Gingoog City is in between Cagayan de Oro City and Butuan City. Both have domestic airports, so you can either catch a flight to and from there. If international flights, you can either land at Davao City international airport and take the land trip (which is, by the way too far!) or in Mactan International airport in Cebu City and then take the boat/ferry ride overnight to Cagayan de Or City, Nasipit or Butuan City then take the bus from there to Gingoog City.

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Cebu hanging parrot

The Cebu hanging parrot (Loriculus philippensis chrysonotus) is a subspecies of the Philippine hanging parrot found only on the island of Cebu, Philippines. This subspecies was generally believed to be extinct until an expedition led by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (Cebu) claimed to have seen and captured a tiny bird in thick foliage in the remote part of central Cebu. The bird has a distinctive scarlet tail with faint patches of red on its head. Females lack the red throat and breast patch, as opposed to males. The nape and upper back are green-tinged and only lightly golden-yellow. They have a high-pitched, whistle-like sound. The bird measures 14 cm (5. 5 in) long with a wingspan of 18 cm (7 in)

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How long does it take to mail something from Manila Philippines to Cebu Philippines regular mail ?

It takes from five to twenty minutes to mail it. It normally takes two to three days to travel from Manila to Cebu

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where can i buy vegatable seeds in cebu?

SM supermarket has seed packets displayed in the vegetable section. You may wish to visit any agricultural supply store in the city or your town. Most seeds are sourced there. You may visit your local Dept. of Agriculture office too.

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If i stayed at a hotel on Mactan Island,would getting to and from Cebu for a nightout be difficult?

Ive been going back and forward to Cebu,Cordova Mactan for years. The resorts I have been to include White Sands, Plantation Bay and Alta Vista most recently. None of which I would reccommend as 9 times out of 10 something doesnt work, like no hot water for example.The restaurants have a nice menu sure enough but not once have I ordered a meal in those places without, sorry sir, we are out of that. As well as being super over priced and I mean that--US270 a night for something we can get here for AU25 a night is a rip off and you wont convince me otherwise. The honest thing to tell you is forget the resorts as over all you will be disappointed. Try a nice pension house. They are just as good and 20 times less the price. Remember Mactan Island has brownouts regularly and no matter where you stay, be prepared for the no power for up to 10-12 hours at a time. Multicabs are everywhere and cheap. From say Plantation Bay to the city roughly 30 minutes but avoid going around 5-6 in the evening when the bridge is clogged with traffic and the fumes and stink are unbearable.Cost you around P150 maximum and getting back is just as easy. Lapu Lapu is ok not so many clubs etc but as long as you dont go in with the look at me big man attitude you will be fine. There are some nice night spots around Opon on the main drag by SM Mall just ask the driver to take you to the nice ones. You dont have to go all the way to the city for nightlife, personally I found the bars and clubs in Osmena and Fuentes and Maxillom a bit rugged and seedy but thats me.The good old days you could tricycle it from Mactan but thats been cut out now so taxi or multicab. Did you know you can hire your own little cab for around P350 a day, pay a driver P350, put in P300 in petrol and there you have your own transport for around 20 bucks a day. Ask any multicab driver anywhere on Mactan and I guarantee you you will end up with one of those putt putt suzukis and a driver so go for it. Dont run chits in bars, pay as you go and dont let them try to talk you into running a bartab-PAY AS YOU BUY. Dont be a smarty pants big man rich acting foreigner either or the locals will sort you out quick. Filipino men are putting up with all the western tourists taking all the girls in the clubs but be an **** about it and they will give you a royally hard time.Be nice and enjoy yourself, act arrogant and meet my amigo Mr Balisong. Have fun.

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