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What Effects Did the Invention of the Cotton Gin Have on the South?

Hand removal of cotton seed made the fabric expensive. The gin made possible huge plantations that needed large amount sof labor, ergo slavery flourished. Had the gin not come along slavery might have been abolished for economic reasons.

What Effects Did the Invention of the Cotton Gin Have on the South? 1

1. Where is that lunar-grown cotton seed sprout?

The announcement was first made by the vice principle of Chongqing University (the primary designer of the growth module) on the 15th of January and you can find the original article summary from their university website here (in Chinese of course). The first image is from the lunar module (the actual time the photo was taken was 7th January around 10am). The other images in the article are actually from the earth-based control. As for which part of the image is the actual plant, various media have highlighted it as such:Here's a magnified view:Unfortunately this is the only image of the actual lunar growth module that the university has released at this point

2. Why did the China's mission to grow cotton on moon fail?

The Chinese mission to grow cotton on the moon was a hare brained idea. It was worse than a kindergarten project. They carried a hermetically sealed glass container with cotton seed, some organic base (soil, or its equivalent) and some air. Any seed will germinate in such a container anywhere in the Universe, even on the Pluto. The only thing required by the containerised seed was the right temperature. As long as the temperature was right the seed germinated. As that part of the moon turned away from the sun, temperature plummeted and the seedling died. It died in spite of the hermetically sealed container.Why did the China's mission to grow cotton on moon fail?.

What Effects Did the Invention of the Cotton Gin Have on the South? 2

3. What is cotton seed oil made of ?

I hope your a troll. But, it's made from cotton seeds.

4. Can canola, peanut, or cotton seed oil be used as a substitute for motor oil?

I would not think so. Maybe a certain percentage of it could be mixed with Motor Oil, but I have never heard of it

5. Why is soy,canola, and cotton seed in every thing?

Ask maybe Archer.. or Daniels... maybe even Midlands knows why

6. How to make cotton seed cake?

While many fishing stores sell cottonseed meal cake as catfish or carp bait, it can sometimes get expensive. You can also buy cottonseed meal and make your own inexpensive version instead. It takes only a few minutes, and you can continue to replenish your bait supply as needed. Label it properly when you store in it in the refrigerator, so no one will mistake it for a snack. Carp and Cat Fish Bait ----------------------------------- This is a quick, easy, and cheap bait. Purchase some imitation vanilla flavoring. Do not bother wasting the real vanilla flavoring from your cupboards; that stuff is quite expensive and it's better used on cookies or cakes than in bait. Then buy some cottonseed meal; this is usually sold in bait stores. If your bait store does not carry it, ask your local feed store. Mix 3 tablespoons of the imitation vanilla flavoring or extract, 1 cup of cottonseed meal, and 4 slices of crumbled white bread in a bowl. Mush and knead it with your hands until it looks like uncooked bread dough. To use it, roll a ball big enough to cover a #12 treble hook. Store the rest in a container (a sealed plastic bag is fine) in the refrigerator. Buffalo Carp Bait ----------------------------, an angler-run Wisconsin website, recommends specific bait recipes to catch specific fish. Its cottonseed cake recipe attracts buffalo carp. To make this, take a cup of cottonseed meal and pour either strawberry or chocolate syrup over it while mixing it with a spoon, to form a dough. Add water if it needs more liquid. Then add the final ingredient: a sprinkling of black pepper, which will attract the buffalo carp. Roll this into dough balls to cover the hook you wish to use. If you cannot find plain cottonseed meal, it might be easier to simply buy the premade cottonseed meal cake. Some bait stores do not carry the cakes, but many feed stores do. Catfish anglers use it by either putting it into a chum bucket or into a burlap sack with a rock and hanging it in the water while they fish.

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