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What Color Should I Paint the Front Door?

I agree with Barb, red is a great color for your door, it's warm and inviting, and I've heard that a red door brings your home good luck

What Color Should I Paint the Front Door? 1

1. Have Wood Wasps outside my front door burrowing into wooden beams?

A small mountain with I-65 running in front of it

2. My dog is scratching my front door and molding, HELP!?

A dog has very very few needs 1. To be taken for a walk early in the morning to pee and poop. 2. To be fed in the morning, get a small bowl of water for the day, and maybe a few extra morsels of dry dog food in case you come home late. 3. A puppy can hold its bladder from 4-6 hrs .Tops. An older dog can go longer 8-12 hrs, but its not healthy, remember that. 4. To be taken for another walk when mom or dad (owner ) comes home. They pee and poop again 5. To be fed and watered one more time. 6. To get play time and family time. 7. Asked one more time if they want to go out to do one or both jobs again before sleeping time. Please do not train him to be a doormat who would hold all natural bodily functions until you have the time for him. Im sure you wont but please meet him halfway. He will get used to your schedule if you will get used to his.

What Color Should I Paint the Front Door? 2

3. Blackbirds have built a nest by my front door and they keep dive-bombing at us to protect it. I don't want to displace or harm them. Is there anything I can do to establish trust between us?

I am not sure this could work, but I would try putting bird food on the ground near the nest. Blackbirds are rather smart birds and they could understand you are friends and not a danger to the nest. Worth a try, I think

4. what is the best color for my front door? fengshui?

Red is very overpowering and has been shown to drive mice crazy in experiments with colors. But, maybe you need a litlle craziness in your life. God bless.

5. what "no______" sign would you put on ur front door?

"No standing around"

6. I am in a real fix: The radiator is broken. The windows are frosted. The front door is snowblocked. Help?

1. put on some extra clothes.. such as a second shirt or some more pants. a coat well do good to. 2. find some blankets ..wrap them around you. 3. if you have a oven or stove then maybe turning them on well get some heat in your house. 4. if there is someone else with you then huddle next to them for body heat. you can do that when ready though no rush. that's all i know ..

7. A bird built a nest in the wreath on my front door that is visable through the glass?

The bigger egg was probably laid by a bird of another species. Some species, such as Brown-headed Cowbirds and Cuckoos, do not make their own nests. They lay their eggs in the nests of other birds, who then hatch these eggs with their own and raise the baby as their own. Often, since the intruder's egg will hatch first, and the baby is bigger, it will get all the food and the other babies will starve, or it will push the other babies out of the nest

8. Poll: What color is your front door?

tan on the inside and cream on the outside

9. Ghost knocking on front door?

Could be, I often wonder if spirits are responsible for that type of "haunting" activity or if it something else as yet unknown

10. Put up a note on the front door that reads "no visits after 8 pm please"?

You must have really good food at your house or something. Some how i get the feeling that sign will be read by those particular friends, and ignored. They will see it as that sign is for everyone else, but them, since they are regulars. So, after a certain time, start ignoring them and clean the house. Run the vacuum or something. Or just tell them, I am sure you have done this already, it's getting late, kids got to go to bed, I got to get up especially early tomorrow, yadda yadda blah blah. or start cutting back on the quality of food, and do not offer desert. Visitors so often over stay their welcome, usually due to the conversation. People do not stay long in awkward silence

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