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What Are the Risks of Smart Door Lock

According to network data, the sales volume of smart locks has reached 25 million in 2018 and is expected to be about 30 million in 2019. Do you also want to install smart door locks for your own doors?

With the progress of society and the development of technology, smart home life is getting closer and closer to us. Many people think that the smart door lock is safe and convenient, which eliminates the trouble of using key switch lock, saves the awesome redundancy of keys, and has intelligent security alarm function. However, many people believe that the smart door lock market is not yet mature. The network reveals that the quality problems of smart door locks emerge one after another, and the biometric function is full of loopholes, which is not worth spending a lot of money to install. In the face of different opinions, Xiaobian summarizes the relevant key points of smart door lock, and let's uncover the mystery of smart door lock.

What are the risks of smart door lock?

Intelligent door lock is a lock which is improved on the basis of traditional mechanical lock and is more intelligent and simple in user safety, identification and management. Intelligent door lock is the executive part of door locking in access control system. In 2018, the General Administration of market supervision monitored the smart door lock, and CCTV's weekly quality report tracked and reported. It was found that there are several main problems, one is the attack of small black box, the other is the security risk of biometrics, and the security risk of sensor card and remote control. A total of 34 batches of products from 34 enterprises in three provinces and cities were randomly selected. Among them, Guangdong is more, 14 batches. Zhejiang is the most, 19 batches. The unqualified rate is 14.5% in Guangdong and 47.4% in Zhejiang. To sum up, the following are the main risks of intelligent door lock at present:

PS: what is a small black box? The small black box scans the door lock with relatively strong pulses, resulting in the door lock crash, restart and illegal opening of the door lock. That is, the use of high-power energy wave causes its system failure through energy, and it is possible to tamper with its signal, which can be classified as fault injection attack.

Fingerprint identification risk: although each of us has our own unique physical characteristics, the data representing biostatistics is not. In other words, when people verify fingerprints, the unique patterns constituting the physical lines of fingerprints are converted into data by sensors, and then these data can be stored, shared or even modified. This creates opportunities for embezzlement.

Generally speaking, another risk of fingerprint identification comes from "foreign matters", including metal wire, tape and hair. Because fingerprint identification is a learning algorithm, he takes these "foreign objects" as a biometric. After learning into the system, they will be identified and easily cracked.

Face recognition risk: face recognition is a biometric technology for identity recognition based on human face feature information. It is a series of related technologies to collect the image or video stream containing human face with camera or camera, automatically detect and track human face in the image, and then carry out face recognition on the detected face, which is usually also called portrait recognition and face recognition.

Risk: some cameras use A4 paper to print a photo. Once you put it there, you can unlock it successfully. From social networks to security cameras used inside and outside stores, biometric systems of our faces can be obtained at any time. Perhaps you think it is not feasible to extract the 3D rendering of the target's face from two-dimensional photos or video frames? However, the more widely used modern 3D comparison system can also be cracked through 3D avatar printing technology, as researchers successfully demonstrated for some Samsung, LG and Yijia mobile phones in 2018.

Remote control risk: some of the current smart locks have remote control capability, some do not have this capability, and some can be controlled only in the near field. For remote control, the gateway needs to be connected to the Internet through Wi Fi or network cable. It is necessary to resist the risks such as the attack of today's dangerous network. This is not only a networking problem, but also our most traditional concern.

As a consumer, how to choose smart lock products?

The function of selecting a lock is to meet your own needs on the one hand, and the quality of the lock on the other hand. At present, there are many unlocking methods of intelligent door lock, which can be basically divided into four categories: fingerprint lock, electronic password lock, electronic induction lock, remote control lock, etc. among the four intelligent locks, fingerprint unlock and password unlock are the most widely used, and the general intelligent door lock also supports these two methods.

Summarize the basic functions commonly used by smart locks, including:

1) . it can be opened by multiple people (there are often more than one or two people in a family or office);

2) . the door can be opened with different authorities (it is impossible for the head of household, nanny and cleaner to have the same door opening management authority);

3) . you can freely increase or decrease the fingerprint of opening the door (the nanny can easily remove her fingerprint when she leaves the job);

4) It is better to have the function of querying records (you can view the door opening records at any time, which can sometimes become key evidence, and generally need to be equipped with a display screen);

5) Proper password function (the fingerprint part is the electronic part after all. When it may be broken, the head of household can open the door with password temporarily);

6) Mechanical keys must be provided. This is a standby door opening method. For example, although aircraft and cars have automatic control status, they still retain the manual control part, which is a safety consideration; Imagine if a fire broke out at home, or the thief damaged the electronic part of your door because he didn't pry the lock?

7) . select a good lock cylinder. The quality of mechanical key cylinder is directly related to the anti prying and stability of your door;

8) Other fancy functions are best not. One more function is more likely to be broken. If the product is broken, you will not repair it. If it is repaired, the maintenance personnel will charge you for maintenance (door-to-door is generally not free).

What precautions are required for the installation of smart lock?

Xiaobian here suggests that you don't install locks by yourself! Xiaobian knows that some partners enjoy the fun of hands-on, but the installation of intelligent door lock is not as simple as expected. First, measure the thickness and perforation of door leaf, determine the direction of door opening, and measure the guide plate of door lock; Also judge whether there is heaven and earth hook; Consider whether double doors need two locks? If you are not familiar with the operation, there may be problems. In case you break the lock, you can no longer enjoy the three guarantee service. Therefore, for the sake of insurance, you'd better let professionals install it for you.

What problems should be paid attention to in the use of intelligent lock?

Nowadays, most smart locks that can be remotely controlled at home will not be directly connected to the Internet, but are connected to the Internet through a "gateway". When the smart lock is separated from the gateway, it is no different from the ordinary electronic lock. The gateway of the smart lock can not only allow users to control wherever they are, but also make the gateway a transit station for Internet of things information. For example, it can automatically open the cat's eye video when being pried, and easily turn off the indoor light when going out.

For electronic devices with 24-hour standby such as smart locks and high power consumption requirements, low-power protocols such as Bluetooth will be more suitable. When purchasing the intelligent lock that can be controlled remotely, you are actually purchasing the corresponding gateway. When purchasing, Xiaobian suggests to try to choose the smart lock products of the same brand as other purchased smart homes, or products with the same network protocol and linkage. Such a gateway can drive the linkage of the products of the whole family.

Write at the end

I believe that many people do not use smart door locks, mainly because they are worried that the network information security of smart door locks cannot be guaranteed. At the 3rd SCA smart home security information conference on June 13 (SCA: full name: SCA secure communication alliance, which has always focused on the field of secure communication and secure identity authentication, provided neutral and professional authentication consulting services for the field of information security, and took the lead in formulating the world's first international CC standard technical specification for Internet of things information security), Relevant experts explained the relevant laws and regulations of smart door locks. For example, in several opinions on vigorously promoting information development and effectively ensuring information security, nine fields such as intelligent security, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical treatment and intelligent home are defined as the solid foundation for the construction of smart city, and key development is required. Ga374 electronic anti-theft lock standard has been recognized by the market, society and the state (GA refers to the public safety industry standard of the people's Republic of China (parameter | picture). Among them, 374 has just been revised this year, mainly related to the anti-theft function that electronic anti-theft lock should have, which is common in the field of smart home.

Finally, 5g has come, the Internet of things is getting closer and closer to us, and the smart door lock is also the trend of the times, because the pursuit of a convenient and intelligent lifestyle has always been people's bottom hope. Therefore, Xiaobian believes that the bright future of smart home is waving to us, and the network information security problem of smart door lock will be solved.

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