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Video Out/ S-video Desktop PC?

most likely it is a tuner, the license for xp media center requires a hardware mpeg2 encoder... i would FTM if i were you

Video Out/ S-video Desktop PC? 1

1. 1/3 of 4 studs wide possible?

You are right. They cheated.This youtube video shows the Robot Lab from a different camera angle.Here you can clearly see what looks like three 1x2 bricks on a 2x4 brick of the same width. Cheaters! Boo!Alright. Let's cheat, too

2. No video output from new video card?

Try extending computer out to the tv. Does vga work? Maybe you should install the ati controller or panel so you can have more control over the video card

Video Out/ S-video Desktop PC? 2

3. what is the difference between Apple Composite AV Cable and Apple Component AV Cable?

Composite is a type of has nothing to do with audio. You will usually get a composite video cable with attached left/right audio. Composite video is the lowest resolution video there is. Component video will give you HD video

4. Video Converter Help?

Not all MPEG4 format can be supported by iPhone and iPod. So you need select the right for your palyer. I know Aimersoft video converter can help you choose the right format by the player. I found there are a lot of MPEG4 formates, I dont know whats the differention from them, but I can choose the right video to convert. May be you can try it first.

5. Why is ipod better (or is it?)?

iPods are nice in their way, but I would not necessarily say they are better than other brands. They certainly do not do not have as many features as many other players, and their sound quality is not as great either. Ultimately, when you buy an mp3 player, you should make sure it is one you will actually like using and will be able to work with easily. Look at the controls it has and make sure you like them. Also, take a look at your music collection. If it is already on your computer, what format is it in? If it's in mp3 format, or even wma, you have a ton of options for players that will work with you rmusic library. If it is in iTunes format, unless you want to convert everything which is a pain, an iPod is the easiest choice. Then, look at the actual amount of content you have and that you want on your player. A 4GB player can hold about 1000 songs, which is really a lot, more than you are likely to listen to in one sitting. Of course, many players have additional features, like video playback, fm tuners, voice recording, among others. If you want something that does just audio, take a look at the Sandisk Sansa Clip. It comes in 1, 2, and 4GB sizes for between $35 and $80, plays music and fm radio, and has a voice recorder. If you want a player with video capabilities, the iPods are of course one choice, but also take a look at some of these other players: the Sony NWZA810 series which has excellent sound quality, long battery life, and comes with nice headphones, the Sandisk Sansa e200 series which plays audio, video, photos, fm radio, has a voice recorder, and a user replacable battery, and a micro SD expansion slot, the Creative Zen which also has an SD card slot, plays audio, video, radio, and has a voice recorder, or the iRiver Clix which plays audio, video, and radio and has a very nice interface. As for iTunes, you do not have to pay for the program itself, but you do have to download it in order to put music on your iPod. And, if you want to get new content from it, you of course have to pay for it, with the exception of podcasts which are almost always free. I am not a huge fan of iTunes as I find it kind of annoying to use, so I was glad to get a player that I could either use with Windows Media Player which I already use, or drag and drop content to.

6. Failure to Upload Yotuube Video?

In my experience, maybe it's just the video formats issue, Youtube just supports some special wmv, not all. And as I know, the best video format for youtube is 1280x720 16:9 MP4(h.264 video codec, aac audio codec), or 640*480 4:3 MP4(h. 264 video codec, aac audio codec), or normal FLV videos, so I think, you just need a right converter to convert wmv to one of the right youtube videos format. I am using RZ Video Converter which can convert any videos or audios between different formats with good quality, such as convert wmv to the right youtube videos, etc. Then you can sign in your youtube account, and upload the converted youtube videos into youtube,com. Try it by yourself. Yahoo or google search and download rz video converter. Hope it can help you

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