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Have you tried ogmtools?According to MkVToolNix is:"MKVToolNix is a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files under Linux, other Unices and Windows. They do for Matroska what the OGMtools do for the OGM format and then some. "And bunkus. org for Ogmtools says:These tools allow information about (ogminfo) or extraction from (ogmdemux) or creation of (ogmmerge) OGG media streams. Note that I will use OGM for "OGG media streams".One tool into the Omgtools is ogmmerge (Merge multimedia streams into an OGG/OGM file)If you want to install omgtools in ubuntu just type:More information about OGG in Wikipedia and xiph. org. Hope this will be helpful. Regards.

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1. Video Game Poll !!!!!!!?

Modern Warfare 2. really, i dont know the other games.

2. background music for hunting video?

Cavatina written by Stanley Myers. Better known as the theme to "The Deerhunter"

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3. What kind of digital camera is best?????

Like other people said, it depends on what you are doing with it. My priority is shots in low light, so I've been happy with my Fujifilm Finepix F10. If I were going to do time lapse, I would get the Pentax Optio W10. If I wanted to shoot video, I would probably get the Canon Power TX1 because it records video at 1280x720. Those are just the compact cameras. If you want a bigger camera, someone else will have to recommend one

4. Is there a video converter that doesn't ruin audio/video quality?

In WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe , if u do want to get high audio and video quality, u can adjust the parameter in audio/video setting

5. Is this a good video editing PC?

is this a good video editing pc well yes and is it a good deal well yes. You could try to find others but this is one you should consider

6. quick question about quilting?

Not sure what you mean by where to cut the back- top side of a quilt- are the pieces or squares you have sewn together middle of quilt- is the batting bottom of the quilt- is one large piece of fabric. If the fabric you have is at least 45 inches wide, you should be able to cut on solid square of 43x43 for the back of your quilt. If your fabric is not 45" wide you are going to have to use two pieces of the same fabric is make the back of your quilt. Layer the 3 layers. tack, or hand base the 3 layers together and and then add you binding. Yes machine sew the binding to the quilt on the top side, fold around to the back and hand stitch down. There is a method of "sewing in the ditch" where you fold the binding around and machine sew it down in the exact same spot you sewed it on the top- a little tricky to do for a beginner. go to web site and scroll down to video on sewing in the ditch.

7. What is this music video?

I think you are talking about the new single with Kelly Rowland featuring Eve because in the video she's getting dressed for a party in her room...and yeah, she's not wearing alot. Its called "Like this"

8. Video clip classification

CNNs are translation invariant.You are over complicating the problem. The easiest thing you can do is define a region of interest (ROI) of the hood. In the first case where the car is moving and the reflections are dynamic. In the second case they are static. Just do frame-to-frame image subtraction of the hood. If the vehicle is moving you will have lots of 'edge energy'. If it is not moving it will be just noise. You can apply the same method to the whole image too. In the static case the image subtraction method may become messy as the clouds are moving along with vehicles and pedestrians. For this case use the image subtractions as input to your method.Another approach is to run an image stabilization algorithm. OpenCV has one. Look at the transformation outputs (translation, rotation, scale, rigid, similarity, affine, etc.). If you can not make a simple filter on them to determine the two cases, train a classifier

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