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Test Circuit with Feedback Factor of 1 / 83 for Tda6120q

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Tda6120q, test circuit, feedback factor

As shown in the figure, it is a test circuit of tda6120q with feedback factor of 1 / 83. The input signal VI enters the two pins of the tda6120q through the input network composed of RA, C10 and C11. The two pins and four pins are the inverse input terminal and in-phase input terminal of the internal differential input stage respectively. The amplified signal is output from the 12 pins and output through the network composed of rflash, R2, R3, C7, C8 and C9. 13. The resistance RF between 5 pins is a feedback network to expand the output dynamic range. 1. The resistors RI, RIN and capacitor C1 between the three pins form a pre weighting network. The output resistance rflash is used as cathode discharge protection, which limits the current and voltage when discharging at high voltage. VCC (6 pins) and VDD (10 pins) must be added with decoupling capacitor, which is composed of ceramic capacitor with good high frequency characteristics and electrolytic capacitor in parallel.

Test Circuit with Feedback Factor of 1 / 83 for Tda6120q 1

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