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Skateboard Wiki: Wheels | Skatedeluxe Blog

Skateboard wheels come in different sizes. The size specification indicates the diameter of the wheels and is given in millimeters (mm). In general, skateboard wheels have a diameter between 50 mm and 59 mm. Anything bigger is not suitable for your skateboard and is intended for cruisers or longboards.* * Our recommendation is meant for street skateboarding purposes. Here it is common to use wheels with a diameter up to 59 mm. Of course, you can also use larger wheels like the 60mm Bones SPF wheels for a skateboard setup. However, these are more likely to be used for specific setups (e.g., cruiser & filmer boards) or for vert skateboarding. Smaller wheels accelerate faster and are lighter and more compact. However, their top speed is lower than larger wheels. Moreover, with bigger wheels, you will be on the safe side when riding on rough ground since they wo not be stopped by each and every little stone that crosses your path. Larger wheels are devoted to reaching higher speeds and are more durable. So, to break it all down for you: For street skateboarding use small wheels between 50 - 53mm, for small ramps and mini-ramps use mid sized wheels from 53 - 56 mm, for vert skateboarding, use larger wheels up to 59 mm. For beginners and anyone who's undecided, we recommend all-around wheels with a diameter of 53-56mm. This size range is currently the most popular with skaters. When buying skateboard wheels, you should check to make sure your wheel size fits with your setup. What is crucial here is your truck selection. When your trucks and wheels are not right for each other, you will end up with some nasty wheel bites. As you might have guessed, bigger wheels also require higher trucks. Of course, with big wheels and high trucks your entire setup will be a bit higher. There are two things you should keep in mind with such a setup: 1. During the pop-off, the tail has to go a long distance until it hits the ground. Consequently, the angle of your board will be steeper and Ollies (theoretically) will be higher. If you've got enough power and long legs this should not be a problem, but small skaters and beginners could face some hard times here. 2. Since the board is higher above the ground than with small wheels and low trucks, you will have to bend your knees more while pushing. This can become quite exhausting. Should your wheel size not fit your trucks, you can use shock or riser pads to increase the distance between your deck and wheels.

Skateboard Wiki: Wheels | Skatedeluxe Blog 1

i'm alot obsessed with skateboarders.?

um im a skater haha i got the brown shaggy hair tight pants black shirt spiked metal belt dc shoes and blue eyes just go up to the hottest skater and kinda hang out with him and date him to get over a obsession with someone you like you gotta date em hit me up on myspace

Antifashion skateboards?

there is a reason they call it antifashion get a plan b or girl board bee-otch

Skateboard Wiki: Wheels | Skatedeluxe Blog 2

Opinion on my skateboard setup? Im a beginner to skateboarding...?

Your set up sounds great, especially for a beginner, Mob grip is a good choice, and Plan B deck's have great pop. Nice choice. Ryan.

Walmart Skateboards????

buy a real skateboard because if you buy a walmart one and try to upgrade the trucks wont fit right like the holes for the screws on the trucks wont line up with the holes on the deck

which are the best skateboards?

buy an enjoi or element or plan b they may be expensive but they have good quality

what are the lightest skateboarding trucks?

Light trucks? Well, the "lightest" trucks I've had were Silver and Independant. But, I do not suggest a "too light" truck because they might break easily. Just so you know, lighter trucks do not make you jump higher, it's all in your mind.

Skateboarding help?

Go to a skating shop, do not go to like shopping centers that sell skateboards because they are cr@p, and do not get element boards they snap easily. Get a Baker board, or Flip, or birdhouse, get a board withing $50 to $150, because your just learning, and do not need an expensive board

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