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Should I Get the New PSP That's Coming in Sept. OR Wait and See If the 360 Core Pack Get's a Price D

If you are older, have a job, on the go, or really busy i suggest getting the slim psp. You can get a silver psp, daxter umd, family guy umd, and a 1 gig memory card (probably only for music and movie/s and no homebrew) for $200. But i would spend the extra 40 dollars on a new battery because the new battery has half the life as the old one. If you have more time, have many friends playing live, and love great graphics, then get the 360. Halo 3, madden 08, gta, and other great games are coming out. If you really are not going to use the xbl then i would wait for the second price cut for the ps3 this year, and play online free and also enjoy the blue ray player. Then again you could get a ds lite and mod it so you could play homebrew and watch video, but you would have to buy some add ons.

Should I Get the New PSP That's Coming in Sept. OR Wait and See If the 360 Core Pack Get's a Price D 1

1. WTF is this going on with this video?

that video was mad weird! i saw it i was like what tha hell. It mad short too it dont even play the whole song. imma give it a thumbs down too cause it too short it should be longer.

2. I want to display computer to my lcd tv?

The only single cable that carries sound AND video is an HDMI cable, which your laptop does not have. Best bet is to probably get a VGA-to-HDMI converter cable (if your TV does not have a VGA port already -- check it, it may) and connect your headphone jack to your speakers. If you do not have speakers, well...probably stuck with your laptop speakers

Should I Get the New PSP That's Coming in Sept. OR Wait and See If the 360 Core Pack Get's a Price D 2

3. What are DVI slots for?

Hi The DVI port is for pure digital signals. Your monitor or Hi-Def TV needs one also. The cables are not cheap. From the web: "What is a DVI port? DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface, and is a standard for connecting computers to digital monitors. The DVI port provides a pure digital video signal to a digital flat-panel display or projector. Using a digital signal for the entire path maintains the image quality at the highest level, because the signal is not degraded as a result of a digital-to-analog conversion. Using an external display with a PowerBook G4 is easy. After you connect the powered-on display to the system, it will automatically detect the presence of the display and instantly begin sending video to it."

4. How can friends see tagged photos on facebook?

Instructions 1 Log on to Facebook. 2 In the upper right hand corner (as of this writing - Facebook changes layouts periodically) look for the word "Account" and click it. A drop-down menu will pop up. 3 Choose the item that says "Privacy Settings" and click that. It will take you to another page with the title heading of "Privacy Settings" and some options listed. 4 Click the first option, "Profile Information" which will have a whole list of items. For purposes of this article, I am focusing on how to change your photo privacy. Look for my other articles on how to protect other privacy information on Facebook. 5 Halfway down the Facebook "Profile Information" screen there will be two separate listings about photos. The first one I will address is "Photos and Videos of me". This relates to any pictures or videos in which you've been tagged, meaning someone has posted a photo and attached your name to it. When you have been tagged in something it should automatically send it to your own Facebook profile so you will know. 6 Next to it will be a drop-down menu button. Click that and it brings up a list. These are all the options you have for blocking who can see anything you've been tagged in. You can allow: -Everyone (anyone at all) -Friends of Friends (meaning Joe is not on your friend list, but he is a friend of Suzy, and Suzy is on your friend list so Joe would be able to see them) -Only Friends (only names on your friend list can view them - in the example above, Suzy can but Joe can not ) -Customize Customize allows you to select certain friends to see it or certain friends to block and is detailed in the next several steps. 7 To customize (block) some of your friends from seeing tagged Facebook photos and videos: Select "Customize" It brings up a box with green check mark and "Make Visible to these people" with a drop-down menu offering "Friends of Friends", "Only Friends", "Specific People" and "Only Me". "Specific People" allows you to select the friends you want to be able to view tagged photos/video. Use this if you have a small handful of friends you want to allow so you are granting only them access. "Only Me" means nobody but you can view the items tagged. 8 Below the green check mark "Allow..." section is a red X with "Hide from these people" option. If you have chosen "Friends of Friends" or "Only Friends" you can use this option if you have a handful (or just one) person on your Facebook friend list that you want to hide tagged photos and videos from. Start typing the name of your Facebook friend in the box and it will add it. Add as many blocked names as you need to (your boss, your grandma...!) and then click "Save Settings" to make your changes go into effect. If you do not click "Save Settings" it will revert to whatever your previous settings were. Once they are saved, you will be returned to the "Privacy Settings - Profile Information" page. You should notice a little lock with your choice now - for instance a lock next to "Only Friends - Except John Doe" which tells you you have blocked John Doe from seeing any tagged photos or video of you on Facebook. 9 To block access to photos in Facebook albums you create, you will follow similar steps. Complete steps 1-4 above. In step 5 you will look for "Photo Albums" which is right under "tagged photos". There is a button to the right called "Edit Settings" which you will click. It will bring up the list of all of your photo albums. 10 Next to each Facebook photo album, including your profile picture/pictures, you will see another of the drop-down menus that will allow you to choose "Everyone", "Friends of Friends", "Only Friends" or "Customize". Follow the same steps to decide on each album who you want to allow access to. You can pick different privacy settings for each album. If you choose to "Customize" it gives you the same ability to allow only certain people by name, block only certain people by name, or even allow "Only Me" if it is just an on-line photo album for you that you do not want to share or are not ready to share with anyone. 11 Continue selecting privacy settings for each album you have. Remember that you can always go back and change or edit a setting at any time. When you create new Facebook photo albums, you will have the chance to set the privacy on them then - be sure you do! Keeping photos blocked on Facebook from certain friends is a very good idea to protect your privacy and keep friends in perspective. Many of us have a large network of Facebook friends but forget that a photo we might love to share with a best friend is not something we want the neighbor down the street or a co-worker to see!

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