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Shanghai Xinwang Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Joined Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Indust

Warmly congratulate Shanghai Xinwang Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. on joining Shenzhen automotive electronics industry association and becoming the vice president unit of Shenzhen automotive electronics industry association!

In the 21st century, the semiconductor industry has always been the commanding point of science and technology strategy competed by developed countries. Actively promoting the development of semiconductor industry and accelerating domestic substitution has become one of China's major development strategies. Data show that automotive semiconductor is the fourth largest application field of chip after personal communication, computer and consumer electronics. However, 99% of the market share of China's automotive electronic chips is basically dominated by foreign manufacturers, and there are few domestic suppliers. Therefore, it has become the most urgent task to get rid of the highly dependent state of automotive chips and accelerate localization and substitution.

On October 15, 2020, Chen Huijun, Secretary General of Shenzhen automotive electronics industry association, and his delegation visited Shanghai Xinwang Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., a new member enterprise, a high-tech enterprise focusing on developing high reliability and high-quality 8-bit MCU and 32-bit MCU & DSP automotive chips based on independent IP Kungfu core architecture.

Right: Ding Xiaobing, CEO of Shanghai Xinwang Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

Left: Chen Huijun, Secretary General of Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association

Shanghai Xinwang microelectronics is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of highly reliable and high-quality 8-bit MCU and 32-bit MCU & DSP based on independent IP Kungfu core architecture. It is committed to building a kungfu ecosystem from chip core design, differentiated MCU research and development to tool development. So far, it has successfully delivered kf8f, kf8l, kf8a, kf8ts, kf8s, kf32a, kf32f, kf32l, kf32ls and other products to the professional chip application market, as well as chipon ide integrated development environment, chipon Pro programming software and kungfu minipro simulation programmer, so as to truly realize the full self owned IP of the whole ecological chain from chip core design to tool development.

In the exchange, President Ding mentioned that the global shipment of MCU has reached 34.2 billion in 2019. In terms of quantity, MCU is the real king of microprocessors. In automobile, industry, consumption, communication and other industries, general electronic products have at least one MCU. Building high-performance domestic MCU has always been the direction of many enterprises. People familiar with MCU know that the main MCU product lines of the world's most mainstream MCU manufacturers basically use ARM core. Similar to the domestic market, many MCU companies have adopted the arm authorized core. Since the "US sanctions incident", many companies have begun to worry about the use of "external nuclear".

President Ding said: Xinwang microelectronics has not blindly followed the trend, but has been adhering to its own technical route. Since the research and development of MCU, Xinwang has determined to carry out independent kernel development to the end. After more than ten years of exploration and market honing, the fruitful results have finally returned to Xinwang's efforts. With excellent system performance and high reliability, the MCU based on the independent kernel Kungfu has been successfully applied to many of the world's top 500 and domestic well-known enterprises, with a total shipment of more than 500 million. At the end of 2019, Xinwang launched 32-bit kf32 MCU based on Kungfu independent kernel architecture, announcing that it has entered the era of 32-bit MCU.

Kungfu MCU has entered the field of vehicle specification. In order to better serve automobile manufacturers, Xinwang has successively launched 8-bit and 32-bit vehicle specification MCU product lines. As of the first half of 2020, the product models of vehicle specification MCU have been nearly 30. The product applications cover vehicle body control, automotive power supply and motor, automotive lighting, instrument assistance and vehicle networking, radar and other automotive front loading application scenarios.

At present, Xinwang micro has its own kernel, compiler, simulator, development system software and hardware, and has fully realized an independent set of technology ecosystem; In the future, Xinwang will always be committed to the R & D and industrialization of domestic high-end chips, constantly break through the core technology innovation of Kungfu core architecture in the field of MCU, strive to build a domestic independent IP Kungfu ecosystem, effectively improve the core competitiveness, and provide new innovation and growth points for the development of China's semiconductor industry!

Shanghai Xinwang Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Joined Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Indust 1

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