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Ok Umm Wat Is This T.I Song.... (video Description!!!)?

Yall do not know the album is king and the video is definetley "why you wanna" They are in the woods, golfing, photo shoot every thing and that was actually a good description. everyone else is stuck in 08 they probably only know whatever you like and Live your life but this is fro 2006

Ok Umm Wat Is This T.I Song.... (video Description!!!)? 1

1. Whats that copyright thing you paste in a video description to keep it up?

It would not matter if I tell you - they never work. You do not own the content, and that's why Youtube takes it down. The only reason the videos you are talking about do not leave is because they had ads put on them, or they have not been caught yet.

2. Help me find this music video by description?

Stupid Mistake (Anyone of Us)? Your description reminded me of this video, sorry if I am wrong!!

Ok Umm Wat Is This T.I Song.... (video Description!!!)? 2

3. Hey guys can u tell me how can i create a download link in my youtube video description?

when your describing your video dont you just copy/paste it there?

4. Can you name the JPop song by the music video description?

Im unsure what the music video is spoke of as yet once you study it on the cyber web you will actual comprehend what the music video is spoke of as in case you are able to desire to study extra ask your individuals or your loved ones in the event that they comprehend whats it spoke of as and in case you grandparents comprehend i think of you may desire to have a raffle to get to renowned each and every thing approximately it.sturdy luck!

5. Help me remember the name of a pop/rock/punk song by music video description?

Feeling This by Blink 182? Maybe

6. what song is this? (music video description)?

I have been looking for it too, I was starting to believe I had dreamed the whole thing. Sadly, my efforts have not yielded any results. Edit: Found it dude, the song's called "What happens tomorrow"

7. My PC keeps restarting, check the video in description?

Formating c: will not fix your PC Did u installed any new hardware lately? external USB Hdd does not count If not it could be Bios, Power supply, Motherboard. I would: 1-Try and reset Bios take out power cord, remove battery from motherboard (Round 3v), press and hold power button for 15 Sec (nothing will happen as power cord is unplugged but this will discharge remaining power stored in capacitors, or you can wait 10 min) reinstall battery and power cord. Power up the PC 2-Replace power supply 3- Scratch your head and think if it's worth it to replace motherboard

8. Name of song by music video description?

it sounds like a Jimmy Eat World song

9. I need help with my youtube video description?

I think you have to add tags to make it searchable!

10. Please help me find a music video...... ( description)?

Its probably KJ-52. [Chorus] Do not get me started on Jack be Nimble I mean that cat's the kind of dude who just always seems to stay in trouble he always got to hustle kicking it with the 3 blind mice on the corner selling magic beans rolling dice now I be giving him advice but he can not understand Patty Cake? she used to chill w/ the bakers man she got God in her life now and if you see her right now it's a whole another sight now see I be quite proud just to see how Christ showed and blowed up and just turned her whole life around sometime I am wishing I was living in a nicer town you know a place where London bridge ai not always falling down ya boy Old McDonald he's a little older now he had a farm but well it's kind of gone for now but see I am a hold it down cause I got to stay praying and every time I come around yall can hear me saying [Chorus]

11. Help me identify this band/song from a music video description?

Im not sure what the music video is noted as yet once you study it on the information superhighway you will certainly understand what the music video is noted as in case you are able to desire to study extra ask your acquaintances or your loved ones in the event that they understand whats it noted as and in case you grandparents understand i think of you are starting to be a large gamble to get to renowned each thing approximately it.reliable luck!

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