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My 10 Month Old Has Been Contently Playing in His Playpen with His Toys As I Watch Him on the Video

Absolutely not! Children need to learn how to entertain themselves from an early age to establish their independence and your baby is just showing his first signs of independence. You should enjoy your time by catching up on some chores or reading a book. Mommies need their individual time, too. As long as, he's not causing havoc or destroying stuff, he should be fine. Relax and appreciate these moments!.

My 10 Month Old Has Been Contently Playing in His Playpen with His Toys As I Watch Him on the Video  1

1. Who the hell is SWEET MILDRED and why do they ask us to JOIN ME IN HER PLAYPEN?

I have no idea but i was wondering the same thing. Maybe its some kind of cult.

2. Should I train my 12 week maltese puppy in a playpen or crate?

The only problem I have with the play pen is that your puppy will learn to pee and poo inside the house. With the crate, she will not likely do her business where she sleeps. However, 7 hours is a very long time to be leaving a 12 week puppy alone. They need to go out to pee quite often and need lots of training and attention at that young age. I would recommend finding someone to let your puppy out to go bathroom and give her some attention if you absolutely cannot come home during those 7 hours. Plus, the puppy's meals should be split between three feedings in a day (early morning, noon and late afternoon/supper). It's easier for them to digest everything. Also controlled feedings makes a more regular bathroom schedule for your puppy and helps you know when to take her out to go.

My 10 Month Old Has Been Contently Playing in His Playpen with His Toys As I Watch Him on the Video  2

3. can i use my tub as a playpen sort of thing for my hamster??

yea its fine maybe even pvc is good

4. what's the difference between a pack and play and a playpen?

the pack and play r smaller , easier for travel. the playpen is the big bulky ones in the earlier days back in the 80s and early 90s . I liked the playpen better tho, they seem more sturdy and was alot more room for the baby to crawl around in.

5. Is it OK to leave a 1.5 year old in a playpen alone while the mother goes out in the daytime?

No, It is not okay. What if the baby has an apnea episode? What if the baby swallows something? What if the baby begins to cry because it is hungry or is afraid? What if someone breaks in when you are away and steals your baby? Why have a child if you are not going to care for it and protect it from harm. children are not dolls to play with one minute, and then when you are bored, put it on the shelf and forget all about it. No. I see too many parents who, in my opinion, should not have kids. The ones that let their child run off without supervision then cry when they are snatched up. We live in horrible times when you can no longer leave your front door unlocked, nor let your kids play outside; for fear they may be snatched or shot. We must remember children did not ask to come here. So we as parents must protect them until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

6. can i use a graco playpen as a temporary crib?

Absolutely. My son spent his first 3 months in the bassinet part of the Graco pack n' play. He's 8 months old now and just recently he used the play yard part of the pack n play as a crib while we were at my mother's for the holidays

7. My not even 4 month old son rolls and wiggles when he's on the ground/playpen.

It does not sound early, really. Many babies start rolling around and wiggling around at this age. Sounds normal to me!

8. Which playpen to get?

I have the graco pack and play!! I love it

9. First time mom What brand of carseat sroller playpen and so on?

someone gave us a rainforest playpen, and the rainforest swing and someone gave us a graco stroller and a graco carseat. i think most brands are good quality but you just have to find what products are good. The rainforest playpen was brandnew and the mobile didnt work, they had to send us two new ones before one worked! so sometimes there are difficulties and problems but you know what? my son loves that mobile and it was worth the hassle. sometimes buying something is worth the hassle. and the worst thing that will happen is you will have to get a refund, its ok to try different brands! also i say use the platex nurser bottles with dropins. they are sooo easy to use and they have no BPA in them(a harmful chemical in hard plastics)good luck and congrats!!!.

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