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Motherboards and Video Cards for Gaming?

You should try tigerdiect .It has everything for computers

Motherboards and Video Cards for Gaming? 1

1. how to record xbox360 gameplay?

his is my way of doing it and it works on a standard TV or HD TV. Xbox 360: The xbox360 are pretty cool because they offer a HDMI output and a set of cables for composite output. This means you can use HDMI and composite at the same time. You can leave the HDMI connected to your TV. Because Xbox and Playstation HD is a bit cleaner than the HD PVR Gameplay HD for some reason. Probably because the Tristar MX HD PVR upscales composite video to HD video and the Xbox and Playstation have a direct HDMI feed line for HD. Any ways, you can use them at the same time. 1. Connect the composite connectors to your PS3 2. Connect the red, yellow, white wire to AV In on the rear of the Tristar HD PVR Recorder. 3. Press the power button on the HD PVR remote control or on the top panel of the HD PVR. 4. Press input from the main screen of the Tristar MX HD PVR. Now you should see your playsttion ps3 on your High definition TV. Well depending on how you have it hook up. You can toggle in between HDMI and AV1 or AV2 (or where ever you connected the HD PVR to see the video game). I generally just leave the TV on HDMI and press record and stop when I need to and when I want to edit or view games I have recorded then I switch to AV1. 5. Press record on the Tristar MX HD PVR 6. Press stop when done 7. Thats it. tristar mx hd pvr maybe the cheapest price, but decent way to start recording respectable gameplay. I would strongly recommend that you go to newelectronx and look at Tristar MX HD PVR gameplay recorder. It does anything that the Hauppauge version, plus it gives you the ability to record directly to micro sd card, usb card, usb thumb / jump drives, add an internal 1TB hard drive, also add any size external hard drive, has network connection, has usb to connect to PC, MAC, or laptop, gives you the ability to rename or delete vids without a computer, and more.. I did some research on the company newelectronx and you should too before you consider purchasing from any company (for that matter). I have found that they are approved to receive PayPal, Moneybookers, and Google checkout and they have been recognized as an online merchant for almost 10 years; besides your money is always protected with PayPal, Google, or Moneybookers. I had to make sure they were legit before i spent my money there. Did not want to be scammed; and i was not, so that is why i am recommending them to you. So in essence check out Hauppauge and Tristar MX HD PVR. I have used them both and recommend them both. Game on!

2. Video Card slot question?

Would need to know what model motherboard you have. Some PCIe slots are rated differently (i.e. 16x, 8x, 1x speed), so if you are buying a high end card, you may have performance degredation or it may not work at all, but depending on the motherboard, it may not have any effect. Without knowing what kind of motherboard you have, it's hard to help you

Motherboards and Video Cards for Gaming? 2

3. Best digital camera for HD pictures and HD videos?

it is nearly impossible to take an hour long clip because the sensors will heat up and the camera will shut down before any damage can be done. Also, many cameras cap a video at 30 minutes or less. second, there is no such thing as an HD picture. Full HD video is only 2 megapixels for $550, the only DSLR camera open to you with video is the canon T3 (maximum of 720p video). If you up your budget to $600, the Nikon D3100 (max, 1080p, full HD video), if you go up to $650, the Canon T1i opens up (also full HD, 1080p)

4. video editing help edit the size shape and position of a video clip?

for simple video editing you can use windows movie maker built in win XP. For advanced editing you need to buy a good piece of software, i suggest cyberlink powerdirector it is easy to use and can do the job for you plus it is free one month trial. good luck

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