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Is a Rock Life? If Not, Where Is the Border Between Life and Non-life Before Life As We Know It Form

Is a rock life? If not, where is the border between life and non-life before life as we know it forms?

Is a Rock Life? If Not, Where Is the Border Between Life and Non-life Before Life As We Know It Form 1

Man, this is a tough one. This very question was argued in the Supreme Court and is still a hot topic at any venue. The border between life and non-life, that is. I can tell you how it's determined in the natural world, but let me make it abundantly clear that this answer has nothing to do with the point at which human life is deemed viable. That has been, and will continue to be argued by much smarter people than me. I just pass on the trivia that I am personally interested in.Having said that, let's start by acknowledging that a rock is not alive by our standards. Or is it? We can not be so naive as to believe that we are the only life intelligent enough to decide and describe what life is and is not . Some crystals emit measurable energy. Are not crystals a form of rock? Does having or producing energy mean it's alive? See what I mean? It can be argued that yes, a rock is alive. It can also be argued very successfully against such a claim. Then there is plant life. No question here. Plants grow, reproduce, then someday die. That's without a doubt life. But why is it so easy for us to cut our grass, trim our shrubs and prune our trees? We are harming living things, for Pete's sake! It's because we are not in tune with the vibes and emissions that scientists say come from plants when they are stressed or in pain. Yes, pain. And because we can not hear them scream, we do not give a shit about lopping off a limb or two. No skin off our noses, right? Trees have been measured and tested for neuro type emissions and it was found that they not only have and emit them, they will intensify if a neighboring tree is cut down. It's level of empathy for the other tree actually caused grief. The bacteria in a bowl of yogurt reacted both positively and negatively to a human's happiness and sadness as those emotions changed in the human test subject. (From the documentary, "I Am")Now back to the original question. Where do we draw the line? What deserves to have rights as a living being? What does not ? I will admit I talk to my plants, but I do not consider their feelings when I keep them awake all night with my partying. So the end of the day has arrived with no real answer for you. That's how we all feel, bro. I suppose only the chief engineer and designer of it all can truly make that call. I am willing to be polite to plants and respectful to crystals. I am not going to marry one, though

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Why is finding real love the most precarious adventure to human life?

The reason it is difficult (precarious?) finding real love is because in to day's generation it is difficult to find a person who is able to love. I do not know if it is true or not all over the world, but certainly the case in North America.When the questions I see in Quora asking if a relationship should be ended , because the partner does not make enough money, who could love a person like that? and whom could that person love? Nobody. That person's love is money. But, unfortunately to day's majority is like that person

Is a Rock Life? If Not, Where Is the Border Between Life and Non-life Before Life As We Know It Form 2

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For those who claim all human life originated with Adam and Eve...?

I am not a religious scholar but riddle me this: The bible says that the universe was created in 7 days, correct? However, this is now widely accepted, by most people including Catholics that this is a metaphor to explain that God is all powerful and thus created the Universe, not in 7 days, but to represent the idea that he is everything. Why can we not accept that this could be what happened to Adam and Eve, in which it is just a story which could be accepted and more easily understood for the audience of the time that the Bible is written. Also, most religions are stupid and all are wrong, and this is grounding for that. If the stories are given out as fact, then when sciences come around and explain it, then religious people decide that it is a good idea to change the supposed facts.

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