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Inspur Server Appeared in MWC Exhibition, and Edge Integrated Cloud Cabinet Became a Highlight

Now is the 5g era. The emerging business models of all walks of life focus on 5g and strive to gain competitive advantage in the future development. Not long ago, with the theme of "harmony and symbiosis", MWC conference demonstrated many star products, including Inspur server. Among them, China Telecom Research Institute and Inspur focused on business needs such as smart Park, smart port and large smart factory, and jointly released the first edge integrated cloud cabinet for Ruyi private network users, which became the focus of the exhibition.

The integrated cloud cabinet released this time belongs to Inspur srdc whole cabinet product. A large number of optimization designs have been carried out according to the deployment environment requirements and carrying business applications. The server adopts the edge computing product ne5260m5 specially designed for 5g. The chassis size meets the telecommunications standard and can be directly mixed with telecommunications equipment; In terms of scalability, it adopts dual Intel Xeon CPUs, 16 DIMMs, 6 PCI-E slots, 6 2.5-inch hard disks and 2 m.2 SSDs. It still has ideal scalability in limited space, and can meet the needs of various edge computing applications such as video monitoring, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things and so on.

First of all, Inspur server ne5260m5 also meets the deployment requirements of extreme environments in terms of high temperature resistance, dust prevention, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic compatibility and earthquake resistance. It can withstand the harsh physical environment of the edge data center, 40 ° C ambient temperature and 85% relative humidity for a long time.

Then, Inspur server ne5260m5 also has the leading tolerance of failed parts. The heat dissipation adopts "3 1" redundant intelligent fan. The failure of any fan will not affect the system operation. Under certain temperature conditions, errors of two fans can be tolerated at the same time.

In addition, Inspur server ne5260m5 can not only support two next-generation Intel's latest scalable processors, but also support two GPU acceleration cards, so that the edge data center has strong neural network training and reasoning ability, so as to realize the artificial intelligence at the edge of 5g network. It is understood that in the 5g network, with the help of edge computing, after unloading some computing tasks from the cloud to the edge, the energy consumption of the whole system is reduced by 30% - 40%, the delay is also greatly reduced, and the response time of the face recognition system can be reduced from 900ms to less than 200ms.

At present, in terms of delivery efficiency, the edge integrated cloud cabinet takes the form of a whole cabinet as the minimum delivery particle. It integrates the IT equipment required by the business before leaving the factory, and pre installs customer application software. It has the functions of cabinet dynamic environment monitoring, intelligent operation and maintenance, convenient installation and deployment, and can be directly deployed in the office environment. The deployment and delivery of the integrated cabinet can be completed within 2 weeks, Realize the rapid deployment of 5g private network and rapid business launch.

Over the years, Inspur server has kept pace with the times, followed the pace of the times, continuously made independent innovation, and created products suitable for various scenario applications. In the future, edge computing will be more applied to practical scenarios, so Inspur server will continue to layout edges and promote industrial development.


Inspur Server Appeared in MWC Exhibition, and Edge Integrated Cloud Cabinet Became a Highlight 1

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