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I Bought a Ps/2 to Usb Converter to Use My Old Ps/2 Mouse on My Laptop and It's Not Recognized by My

Your laptops USB port, the converter, or the mouse, one of them is faulty. Try to change the port, and converter or the mouse and see what happens. As I am using one, no software is needed for that.

I Bought a Ps/2 to Usb Converter to Use My Old Ps/2 Mouse on My Laptop and It's Not Recognized by My 1

1. Where are M.2 USB devices?

Nothing has changed since Mini PCIe. WiFi cards with Bluetooth still have their Bluetooth component interface with the host system via USB. For example, look at the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 package specifications. It specifies both PCIe and USB.Other than that, some WWAN cards may probably use it. /edit: Yeah, here's one: Huawei MU736. It uses USB 2. 0 to communicate with the host system. It uses some additional pins to talk with the SIM card. The SIM card is inserted at a user-accessible location, which may be quite some distance from the WWAN card

2. PS/2 to USB Adapter for a wireless mouse not working?

PS/2 are the ports for the standard keyboard and mouse on computers

I Bought a Ps/2 to Usb Converter to Use My Old Ps/2 Mouse on My Laptop and It's Not Recognized by My 2

3. Internal soundcard sometimes card 0 and sometimes card 2 with 2 usb mics

Add the following to some .conf file in /etc/modprobe.d/:(in whatever order you want)

4. Remapping CapsLock to Control when using a PS2-to-USB adapter?

You may be able to solve the problem by finding out the respective identities of the PS/2 -> USB adapter and the keyboard. Try the commandFor me it showed, among other things, that there is aThe first part of the USB identity code (04d9) identifies the manufacturer, and the second the product.Now you can use that information to discover the identities of devices connected to that adapter by typingWhat I got wasI have no keyboard attached to the adapter, but there is my old trackball mouse, Logitech TrackMan Marble FX. So I wanted to know more about the device identified above as id=9, and I used xinput command to get what I wanted:The first line of the listing wasThe listing also shows the properties of the device, and I used those to build commands needed for modifying those properties. What I ended with was two commands:The first line turns Button 3 of the TrackMan mouse into a Wheel emulation button. (Button 4 a.k.a. "8" does not seem to work at all). "Pointer" in the commands refers to the mouse and prevents confusing things with "keyboard" that could be attached to the same adapter (not in my system). Similarly you could perhaps modify the properties of your keyboard with commands likeetc with other individual properties

5. Whats the differance betweeen the 2 usb ports in a usb-microusb cable?

The black connection provides power and data. The red one is power only. The second cord should be used if the black one does not provide enough power to power and/or charge the device. You will see a lot of external hard drives come with the same type of plug (though usually both are black). Plug the device in using the black cable. If it runs normally and charges (assuming this has a battery), then you are fine. If, however, the device does not operate correctly or does not charge, then you will need to plug the red cord(or second black one if they are both black) into another USB port. You would not cause any harm to the device by plugging in both cables. Honestly, the red one(or second black one if they are both black) would even be plugged into a different computer since it's just power only.

6. ps/2 to usb keyboard adapter glitch?

The one advantage one or the opposite that i can see is that nothing else uses PS/2, so you can also as good plug your keyboard in there and go away your USB port free for something you have got to join via USB; and that is a very mild advantage, at pleasant. As far as performance or assets, you are not going to look any change

7. How to install driver for DVB-T2 USB TUNER EVOLVEO SIGMA T2 on UBUNTU 17.10 (or newer ubuntu rls.)?

Your device 0572:c68a is supposed to be covered by the driver dvb-usb-cxusb, however, the exact is not included yet in the version included in the latest stable Ubuntu version, 17.10 and, therefore, earlier. Let's build a newer driver.Please try this with a working internet connection:It builds with a few possibly harmless warnings for me. The new driver reports:As you can see, your device is included. As a part of the install process, the needed firmware is also installed.Reboot and tell us if there is any improvement. I will have a few more instructions. EDIT: You have compiled the driver for your current kernel version only. When Update Manager installs a later kernel version, also known as linux-image, after the required reboot, recompile:

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