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Fold-over elastic, also known as FOE, does just that - it folds over the edge, nicely enclosing the raw edges of your garment. This elastic is made to be next to your skin. You can find FOE in an array of colors, sometimes with extra embellishments like dots or sparkles, which gives you lots of options to finish your underpants with both function and flare.

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Though dual-wielding swords are impractical for soldiers in fantasy settings (a shield provides better protection for a one-handed weapon and a two-handed weapon has more reach), wouldn't two weapons provide an edge over one in single combat?

Yes, two swords do have an advantage over a single sword in combat. Assuming that they are reasonably similar swords (someone with a single side sword versus someone with two side swords) and that the person with the two swords is familiar enough with the concept to not trip themselves up (this does not have to mean they are actually any good with two swords, but they need to understand how to fight with two swords when you are not trained to do so: which is to basically fence with one of them normally, and use the other to parry)Two swords is actually a really interesting concept as a lot of modern HEMA practitioners (which is what I am familiar with) seem to think two swords is a rubbish thing.But, the texts we have do not actually say that. What they do say is that it's a lot of work to learn and there is not much point to doing so (the main reason given is that most people wo not duel you with two swords because it is not popular).I am certainly no expert, but I do practice Fabris rapier and I've done some playing using his principles extrapolated to two swords against sword and dagger, and what I've found is that the second sword does give you an advantage at longer ranges as you can threaten your opponent with two things at the same time. Basically the dagger is able to stonewall and push the sword around as the dagger has way more leverage, but the sword point is able to outmanoeuvre the dagger.As long as you stay at sword range though, you have a significant advantage being that you can potentially stab them with two separate things, but they only have the one. This advantage shifts of course, if they close that distance, as they have a short range weapon, and you do not.

Okay..So my last question was controversial and a bit on the edge of comprehension..As believers..Is it......

If you are being excommunicated behind false accusations,obviously there is a lack of discernment in the church leadership,or something worse.churches nowadays have a bad habit of becoming social clubs,where orthodox doctrine is not tolerated.My advice is to find a body of true believers,where you are encouraged and led by example of godliness in the leadership. lifting you up,brother.

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When you are on the edge, what keeps you from falling over?

That I am my own person -- and I know that I can SURVIVE, and yes, THRIVE! So I do what I can, confront the obstacles, solve the problem, and even though I may take steps backward (or fall down some), I will OVERCOME everything put out there that TRIES to block my way

Should the firing pin in my Ruger 10/22 be hitting the edge of the shell casing?

It's hitting the rim = rimfire. I am not intending to be a smart a$$ but you get my drift

Do you put your peanut butter right to the edge with no bread showing?

Only if the bread is toasted

Serrated knives Vs. Plain edge knives?

great knife get the serrated one

does the charge inside a conducting sphere go to the outer edge of the surface or the inner?

I assume that you are thinking of a hollow conducting sphere. I can think of 2 scenarios which are relevant to this question: 1) the sphere contains a charge (positive, say) inside the hollow space within it, but bears no net charge itself. Under these circumstances there will be a (negative) charge equal and opposite to the contained charge induced on the inner surface of the sphere, and another equal and opposite (positive) charge induced on the outer surface of the sphere. Here the contained charge induces the separation of equal and opposite charges on the conducting sphere. 2) The sphere does not contain any charge within its hollow interior, but bears a net charge itself. This will reside entirely on the outer surface of the sphere. This is a case of Faraday's ice-bucket experiment - see reference, which explains this.

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