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How Do You Remove Laminate Flooring That Was Put Down and Glued to the Floor?

Pry bar is definitely your best option. Make sure you cut strips into the laminate- around 10 inches apart before you start

How Do You Remove Laminate Flooring That Was Put Down and Glued to the Floor? 1

1. Hardwood Floor or laminate flooring I have a boxer dog?

Hardwood is always preferable to laminate if you can afford it. Scratches can be easily sanded out and/or restained. That can not be done with laminate. I am a stickler for the real stuff, so if you can afford to have it laid and then stained, as opposed to the pre-finished variety, it will last a lifetime AND stand up to you pooch. Not only that, it adds to your equity. I am an interior designer and have worked with many homes built in the '20s and before. In almost every case, the hardwood floors are original and often only require minimal repair.

2. Can I use Tarkett laminate Flooring in my bathroom?

Laminate Flooring In Bathroom

How Do You Remove Laminate Flooring That Was Put Down and Glued to the Floor? 2

3. How do I repair holes left when laminate flooring was laid?

Hi Jennifer, I do not blame you about being upset. What a sloppy job he did. Around the walls you can consider another molding. For instance if you already have base molding add quarter round and then caulk in any extra space. The laminate companies make a caulking that matches (pretty close) the color of their laminate. Around the doorways I do not see any way around using caulking. If you have any of the laminate boards left over and you have some good saws (a bandsaw or a jigsaw) you can try cutting some pieces to go into the cracks. You can glue them to the floor. Hope this helps

4. What is the best Laminate Flooring glue?

Titebond Tongue & Groove Flooring is suppose to work well for laminate floors. Do a little research to be sure the type of flooring you have needs glue

5. Is there a way to make Laminate flooring water proof?

My first question: How old is your dog? I've owned and loved dogs but sometimes you have to be practical and not emotional. Depending on your dog's age, why not just wait and then get what you love

6. do i need to "stagger" tile effect laminate flooring?

If the floor is intended to look like square tiles, all of the same size, you of course need to line up the squares in straight rows, like any tile floor. A single board of laminate will have 3 or 4 "tiles" on it though, making it possible to stagger the end joints and still line up the tiles. This is necessary. Staggering the rows adds a large amount of flexural strength to the floor, meaning that it will not peak or dip as much in the case of any unevenness. Some tile pattern laminates have different sized tiles in different patterns on each board. In this case you do not have to use any pattern, but you must still stagger the end joints on each row. Using the leftover piece from the end of a row as a starter for the next row usually works well.

7. how to remove ceramic tile floor?

You are in for fun. For sure the best way i've found is a hammer drill that accepts sds bits(quick release socket type). Use a wide, flat spade bit. Works like a mini jack hammer. Do not bother tearing up the subfloor if it's solid and you are going back with different tile. You can rent the drill at home depot or any tool rental place(yellowpages) Carpet and laminate flooring can go over tile. Clean up pieces with a flat point shovel and broom. Enjoy

8. What do i need to consider when laying laminate flooring over wood sub floor.?

Cover old, uneven floorboards with hardboard. . Lay the sheets across the floorboards, staggering the joints and fixing with panel pins every 100mm or so around the edge and at 150mm spacing in the middle to prevent movement.

9. Can I lay laminate flooring over short loop, glued down carpet?

i would not do need to rip up the carpet and then lay the floor tiles if you can not do the job find someone who will

10. Is 6mm laminate flooring ok to use is a low traffic room?

Hi Pinklilibear, For a low traffic room I would say yes because it is as you say low traffic. However, with any type of surface you do have to be careful about the moisture. Yes, it will wipe up easily. I would suggest that you consider a water repellent area rug of sorts, rubber mat or large area office mat to be placed under the reptiles cages. Or Runner Mats in front of the cages. Purchase something in the colors of nature such as a deep hunter green, brown etc. This will provide your flooring with some protection from moisture. Lucky Reptiles wood flooring in their own room :o)

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