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How Do I Get a Screen for a Sliding Door?

Not the cheapest way - but by far the best: Remove the door and take it to a re-screening place. They will have the material to fix it and you can go home and just put it back in the track.

How Do I Get a Screen for a Sliding Door? 1

1. How do I install a standard door in the same frame for a sliding door ?

There are several options that you should look into. 1. Remove the exterior trim - frame the opening to fit the door that you want to use - finish the outside to match your existing siding - install sheetrock on the inside - finish the inside and paint to match. 2. Remove the exterior trim - frame the opening to fit the new door (double door set) - finish the outside to match your existing siding - install sheetrock on the inside - finish the inside and paint to match. This allows you to fix and match a lot less area. 3. Remove the exterior trim - Install a double door set with side lights. Install the trim. This allows you to install a door set that is built for your opening so that there is not any fix or match, inside or out. Also, you should know that #1 is for a small budget and the price goes up for #2 and up again for #3. Good Luck.

2. Why sliding door don't open from outside when handle is touched?

This just happened to me. There's a "power door on/off" switch left of the steering wheel. You may have bumped it into the off position like I did.

How Do I Get a Screen for a Sliding Door? 2

3. i slamed my kittens paw in the sliding door on accident?

It happens and believe me its happened to me where I have acidentally steped on their paw since it was dark and they were following me and one time there head almost got stuck in the door another time my kitten got his paw stuck in the cat door and i helped him get his paw out and through all those events I thought my cat would hate me but i noticed that cats can sense your emotions, and even though they hisss and make really loud cries they still love you, youll see that by tomorrow they will be friendly just the same. YOu will gain the trust of your cat back really fast however what you are doing is not exactly necessary, you are in somewhat of a case spoiling your cat and well I understand taht you want him to like you again but dont get accustomed on doing that because it will be like training and the cat will think that hissing at you is a trick and will hiss whenever he wants alot of attention, treats and wet food. But try to be close to him and let him walk a while if he wants to be alone dont be forceful and let him be alone he will come with you when he wants to play or be petted I hope this helps. And dont stress over it too much cats are very smart. (alot smarter than dogs)

4. Tempered glass in sliding door shattered - why?

Shattered Tempered Glass

5. How big do I frame the door entrance for a closet sliding door

although every situation is different, generally when you frame the opening, add:horizontal 3/4" to each side for the jamb (or whatever the jamb thickness is) 1/2" to each side for the gap for shimming the jamb 1/4" extra for bifold or french doorsvertical 3/4" to the height for the jamb (or whatever the jamb thickness is) 1/2" for the shimming at the top 3/8" to the bottom for the gap between door and floor (we usually do 1/2", or 3/4" if there are carpets or matts being used in winterso for a 72 x 80 bypass door, your RO will be approx 75 x 82. since its a bypass door and the floor could be out of level, i would do 75 x 82 1/2. remember too that trim will cover a lot of stuff up, particularly now when most casings are in the 4" or wider range.

6. Why is there only one sliding door on the old Nissan quest vans.?

Generally the door is on the side that the footpath is on to make unloading and loading stuff easier and safer. Some come out with doors on both sides though

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