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How Common Is Wearing a Wig? I Have Hypothyroid and Losing Hair I Need to Wear One?

It's very common! Between ponytail falls, extensions, clip ons, hair attached to headbands and full wigs there are lots of options for adding more hair whether it's for medical needs or for vanity. There are many reasons why hair falls out and there are many options. I lost a ton of hair when I had undiagnosed celiac disease. It's still has not come back like it used to be, and I often wear clip-in extensions. You need to check with you doctor or perhaps your doctor's office nurse. Sometimes they do not realize how upsetting hair loss can be. Maybe some one in your doctors office can help. There might be some good thyroid support groups on line, you can communicate with people who have the same problems and learn what they did to cope. Sometimes talking to people with the same problem can help, and sometimes they have resources to aid people with problem that are part of diseases. like hair loss and fatigue in your case; or hair loss and constant stomach cramps in mine. Best of luck, and hang tough!

How Common Is Wearing a Wig? I Have Hypothyroid and Losing Hair I Need to Wear One? 1

1. What kind of wig will fit my head shape?

first of all dont seem on ebay!!! bypass get a scientific wig at your well-being center or something!!! yet i am hoping you dont have a ailment tht motives you to be bald!! tht would be unhappy, im sorry in case you do

2. Caring for a long, modacrylic wig?

With an acrylic wig, it is not recommended that you use any products on it. Unlike a natural wig, an acrylic wig has no room for absorbtion, so the products would simply cause more tangles. You can shampoo it, but never blow dry one, and never apply heat. Alway towel dry, and either lay it flat to dry, or put it on a wig stand. I have several long acrylic wigs, and I do not have the room to store them all on wig stands. You cannot put them in plastic boxes due to them also being made from a form of plastic, so you can store them in shoe boxes, or other card-board boxes, or even paper bags. You can also check with the American Cancer Society regarding Wigs, they are very knowledgable.

How Common Is Wearing a Wig? I Have Hypothyroid and Losing Hair I Need to Wear One? 2

3. What was the purpose of the white wig most of the colonial people wore?

White Wig

4. What's the best synthetic lace front wig brand?

Best Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

5. How do I Respond to People saying my hair is Fake or is a Wig?

This might be a stupid question, but the weave hair matches your natural color, right? Because they would not say it looked fake if it did not ^^; not trying to be mean or anything >.

6. How do I dye my black synthetic wig to brown?

The only other option you may want to try is spray color. They sell it at the beauty supply stores

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