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How Can I Upgrade My Laptop's Video Card?

Just get a ASUS laptop its a very nice gaming laptop or get a computer from digital storm or get a $500 bundle at walmart with a monitor key board mouse and computer

How Can I Upgrade My Laptop's Video Card? 1

1. I didn't understand 3blue1brown's video on inverse matrices, where a matrix has no inverse if its determinant is zero

It might help to look at an example. For instance, consider the matrix $$ A = pmatrix1&00&0 $$ The transformation associated with this matrix is $$ f(x) = Ax = pmatrix1&00&0pmatrixx_1x_2 = pmatrixx_10 $$ Geometrically, this transformation "squishes" $Bbb R^2$ onto the $x_1$-axis (or the $x$-axis, if you prefer thinking in terms of $x$ and $y$).The point of an inverse transformation is to undo the effect of $f$. That is, we are looking for a transformation $g(x)$ such that $g(f(x)) = x$. That is, we would like to make a function that satisfies $$ g(f(x_1,x_2)) = g(x_1,0) = (x_1,x_2) $$ Intuitively, we see that this is impossible since, after applying $f$, we have lost the information of what $x_2$ was. More formally and specifically: we know that every point of the form $(1,x_2)$ (i.e. every point of the form $x_1 = 1$) will get "squished" to the point $(1,0)$. So, for $g$ to undo $f$, we would need to have the following be true: $$ g(f(1,3)) = g(1,0) = (1,3) g(f(1,-7)) = g(1,0) = (1,-7) $$ The problem here is that since $g$ is a function, we can only send the point $(1,0)$ to one output. So, there is no one function $g$ that can give back the coordinates of every point we put in.Regarding your second point: even though $det(A) = 0$, it is certainly possible for $Ax = v$ to have a solution if $v$ lives in the line (in our case, the $x_1$-axis). For instance, if we have $v = (-4,0)$, then $f(x) = v$ will be true whenever $x = (-4,x_2)$, i.e. whenever $x$ is a point that gets squished to $v$. On the other hand, if we have $v = (-4,2)$, then no $x$ will satisfy $f(x) = v$: $f(x)$ is necessarily on the $x_1$-axis, but $v$ does not "live" there.

2. I have a weird s-video jack on my graphics card and i cant fit any normal s-video cable in it why?

no thats a regualr svideo port. and svideo cable should work with it

How Can I Upgrade My Laptop's Video Card? 2

3. 1980s video with hot spanish rocker girl playing guitar

Without more detail I am just guessing here, could be "La Oreja de Van Gogh"?Maybe could be any of those songs:

4. Wanting to replace laptop's video card?

Its not very common for manufacturers to allow those kind of upgrades after you've purchased the computerunless it is a repair

5. Is Skyfire's video license (Android) worth five dollars?

Skyfire offers a free 3 day trial period for users to fully test the video functionality with their specific android device and OS (operating system) prior to purchasing the app. Note: Skyfire has not extended support to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) or Jelly Bean powered Google OS, so please use the free trial period to confirm support. Thanks!

6. Do you think we should boycott the media for the Virginia Tech Tragedy for airing the killer's video?

Perhaps. But what bothers me the most is that this sicko got the last word in thanks to NBC. What did anyone gain by this? Canada broadcasting chose not to show the video but American news loves this kind of sick crap

7. Can I connect my Roku LT using S-video?

Since there is no s-video connection the only thing you can do is composite or HDMI. You are kinda slow for HDMI... Now for the good news.... 85% of what the roku streams is only 420 anyway. If you get the expanded memory (it would help reduce it), since it has little memory built ob board. 1.3 Mbs is slow so there will be a lot of buffering for many reasons. 1. I do not think the LT has a ethernet port. That is going to slow you down right there. I have 24Mbps and it buffered a lot with HD. 2. HD video is about 65% larger then non HD (that is 720 HD since nothing streams 1080 HD) Again is it not as big a deal as you are making it out to be. & here is why..... 1. You say can my roku... Well a roku is a device and not a content of media 2. Crackle, Popcornflix, Hulu Plus, Netflix.... if you take everything they have combined, about a total of 10% is going to be in 720 HD content (none do 1080 HDMI content) 3. Why no 1080 HD but a 1080 HDMI connection then? Right now all internet providers put a limit on the amount of data you can receive (a cap). To stream things in 1080 HD with 5.1 sound, you would reach that cap very quick. Then people would stop buying the roku, huhu plus, netflix, and things because of the limited use you get. Since they can not control your IP, they control the data they send instead. If/when the day comes that there is no cap, or the cap is increased, you will already have everything for 1080 HD 4. Why does not my internet provider just raise my cap or remove it? Most IP's (comcast, att, road runner, verizon, and the likes) are in the media business as well by bringing you cable or Satellite tv. If they remove the cap or make it easier for you to watch things elsewhere, then they lose a lot of money, so the cap will stay. There is a whole lot going on. So to keep it short and simple, right now streaming HD is way over played. It is just a myth for now. Dont worry about it so much. The only time (right now) that matters is streaming your own movies you got for free off the internet in 1080 HD with surround sound lol since that is a MUST. The LT does not have a usb port on it, so not an issue for you either.

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