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How Can I Learn to Skateboard If I Don't Have Any Money Or Reliable Transportation?

do not get a m/c via fact you opt to save money. On purely gas mileage a 1984-ish Honda CRX HF kicks all finished-length motorcycles' butt on gas mileage. maximum finished-length motorcycles in trouble-free terms get 30-40 MPG. in case you are highway-in trouble-free terms commuting a 4 hundred cc scooter ought to save money yet they are greater risky (smaller wheels, much less administration with "chair" seating, much less power). motorbike tires do no longer final as long as automobile tires and different maintenance costs arise quicker (e.g. valve regulate, oil exchange). some motorcycles are high priced to insure (tremendously much something sporty). you opt for sturdy protecting outfits on a motorbike and that's no longer low-fee the two, given your rock-backside funds. no longer in trouble-free terms that yet driving in a hundred degree climate is larger-warm (applicable approximately the place the breeze heats you up particularly of cools you)

How Can I Learn to Skateboard If I Don't Have Any Money Or Reliable Transportation? 1

1. Whats the catch to get "free" money to play online poker on full tilt?

Most of these sites are legitimate and there is no catch; the way they make money is that when you play on Full Tilt you generate rake (the chips you see at the top of the table is the fee the poker room charge typically 5% of the pot). They get a portion of that rake and so the more you play the more money they make. With regards to this particular site i have not heared of them before so i could not comment.

2. Is it really worth spending money on getting wedding albums (hardcopy) made?

It's a personal choice. I have a wedding album but I have hidden it so no one can see it. I was the ugliest bride ever. (Am blind without my glasses so could not see what makeup was getting caked on my face). So my wedding pictures can make little kids cry. Hence it was a waste of money for me. If you do end up having a fairytale wedding, it might be worth the expense. That way, when you have a fight with your spouse, you can look at your album and relive the reasons you married the person for.

How Can I Learn to Skateboard If I Don't Have Any Money Or Reliable Transportation? 2

3. Money supply growth = reduction in purchasing power?

The purchasing power of money (inflation) will decrease, but not in direct proportion to money supply. Remember money supply and inflation have a negative relationship

4. The Cost of Weddings was it worth the money spent?

It was definitely worth it. Total not including honeymoon, we spent about $8,500. I too did not want to have to wrangle all the different things together (tent, tables, chairs, linens, china, etc.) so I went with a package from a hotel. All that was included for one fee, and it saved me a ton of headaches. Money saving: We set our date for 2 years out so we would have plenty of time to save up and find the best deals. Made the invitations myself, designed, printed and assembled them For flowers, I ordered just flowers from a florist and arranged them myself. Made my own bouquet, made the boutonnieres, arranged the centerpieces myself which were just cut flowers in glass bowl vases from the dollar store and walmart. Also cut costs by having each bridesmaid carry a single flower. Doing the flowers myself saved me at least $300. Did my own nails and makeup, and had a friend (best man's gf) who was in beauty school do my hair (I offered to pay, but she insisted it be for free). I wore shoes I had already worn for a friend's wedding, just dyed them red and they looked like new. Best thing was that they were already broken in :) I bought my veil for $20 at a craft store, nobody could tell it was not an expensive one from a bridal store. I also bought a crystal headband on ebay for $12. Found a photographer just starting out on Craigslist offering a great deal for $500. It included a disk with all the pics and the rights to reprint plus 50 5x7 prints. Kind of a trade off though because I got great pictures but bad service. Have the cd of pics, but still waiting (5 months later) on the prints. At least I can print my own! For the food, we just picked what we liked (comfort bbq food) which was actually the cheapest option and gave it a slight upgrade. We did not have appetizers during the cocktail hour, too expensive and nobody seemed to miss them (our cocktail "hour" was really only 45 minutes). For the cake, we had my MIL make it, she makes great cakes as a hobby. For the rings, we scouted out the stores and found out when the sales would be and saved a ton of money that way. My ring originally cost $400, and we only paid $115. His ring originally cost $800 and we paid $400. Just keep it simple. You do not need fabric drapery hanging about, you do not need sky high centerpieces or elaborate bouquets. You do not need a mani/pedi or your makeup done professionally. You do not need expensive favors (ours were red swedish fish in boxes tied with ribbon), you do not need most of the things they tell you that you "must have." Remember that although it is a big day and probably the biggest party you will ever throw, it is just a party afterall, and it is just one day. Do not go into debt for it, but have a fun time. :)

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