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Hisense Launched a 5-door Refrigerator to Try to Stabilize the High-end Market

Many enterprises hope to use these important nodes to boost market sales. On the eve of national day, Hisense refrigerator's "50th anniversary, the whole city sees Hisense" promotion was launched in advance across the country. It is worth noting that during this national day, Hisense's main new product during the National Day is the new Dionysian 420, which has been on the market for more than a month. Generally speaking, National Day is not only an important node of annual promotion, but also an important reference for consumption structure analysis. Well, during the National Day this year, under the general trend of consumption upgrading of Hisense's new five door refrigerator, from the product manufacturing end, the technological progress and product innovation of refrigerator enterprises in the past two years are very obvious, and many good products that can meet the pain points of consumers have been launched. From the external publicity of Hisense refrigerator, we can see that this product is very different in terms of appearance, internal design structure and product function. In terms of appearance, in line with the "change" of the consumption upgrading wave, Hisense 420 refrigerator innovatively adopts the Chinese five door pattern in design, breaks the traditional design of refrigerator with opposite door and French four doors, and retains the advantages of cross refrigerator and French refrigerator. Obviously, the multi door design solves the problem of uneven space distribution when users use the refrigeration and refrigeration functions of the refrigerator. In addition, for the problem of narrow kitchen space, the refrigerator is also designed with an ultra-thin body, and the thickness of the box is only 55 cm. Whether it can stand the test of the market and completely gain a firm foothold in the highly competitive high-end refrigerator market is indeed worthy of attention.

From the perspective of the development of the refrigerator industry, multi door refrigerators have experienced rapid development in recent years. At present, they have become the most important category in the refrigerator market. The subdivided categories within the multi door market have become the new engine of the refrigerator market. We believe that the starting point of Hisense's new five door refrigerator may be based on the fact that five door refrigerator products are becoming a new engine for multi door market growth. However, you should know that Hisense is not the only one who has invested in five door products. From the five door refrigerator products currently sold in Jingdong Mall, it can be seen that Haier, Samsung, Siemens, Midea, Panasonic and other brands have invested in five door refrigerator. So in this year's national day market, it is still unknown whether Hisense refrigerator, known as the God of food 420, can seize the hearts of post-85 and post-90 young consumers with differentiated product strength?

In fact, the refrigerator industry is a highly homogeneous industry. Nowadays, various technical functional indicators such as air cooling and frequency conversion are rapidly popularized. As a refrigerator, the essence of its function is to store food materials, keep fresh and sterilize. The 420 refrigerator released by Hisense on August 5 this year has not only been upgraded in terms of fresh-keeping technology, but also in terms of humidity control, fresh-keeping and antibacterial technology. In particular, the four in one function of "sterilization taste purification moisturizing ethylene removal" can intelligently customize the exclusive sterilization and purification scheme for refrigeration, freezing and greenhouse transformation, and accurately purify according to the region. From the perspective of product functions, it is not difficult to see that Hisense insists on focusing on consumer demand and taking the differentiation of high-end products. Market research shows that in addition to energy-saving factors, when consumers buy refrigerators, the trend of intelligent, high-capacity and high-end products is becoming more and more obvious. The prospect of high-end market is considerable. Whether foreign brands or domestic brands, most will take the high-end market as one of the development focuses in the future development. However, in the fierce competition in the high-end refrigerator market, whether Hisense refrigerator God of food 420 new products can occupy a place is obviously the first test in the national day market this year.

In addition to the upgrading of product appearance, structure and function, the 420 new products in the national day market this year have also been mainly promoted by Hisense. In addition to using the "50th anniversary, the whole city sees Hisense" to warm up and build momentum for the market, so that consumers across the country can experience the leading fresh-keeping technology of Hisense refrigerator, and make careful layout in sales. This year, Hisense's refrigerator sales pattern is significantly more than in previous years. Group purchase, limited time discount, binding sales, subscription and other forms take turns to expand the publicity coverage and strive to attract the attention of many consumers. It is undeniable that innovative and powerful marketing often plays a certain driving role in product sales. However, in the current refrigerator market, for more and more rational consumers, to choose high-quality products, there are many brands to choose, and there is more than one factor affecting consumers' purchase. Then, in the face of the competition of many five door refrigerator products among many brands such as Haier, Midea, Samsung, TCL and Hisense, who will consumers choose

According to zhongyikang data, in the first half of this year, the scale of the national refrigerator market grew negatively by 4.7%, and Hisense refrigerator bucked the trend by 4.6%. In addition, with the increasingly fierce "price war" in the household appliance industry, Hisense refrigerator chose to actively transform in the first half of the year, take the medium and high-end market route and seek market breakthrough. From the development trend of the whole refrigerator industry, it is advisable for Hisense refrigerator to choose the medium and high-end route, which is in line with the general trend of the industry. Then, in the national day market, which has always had a good trend of medium and high-end household appliances, whether this new Hisense 420 refrigerator developed and listed under the layout of Hisense's medium and high-end strategy can play a big role in the fierce refrigerator market and stand the test of the market, it has to wait for time to verify. Of course, whether this product can drive other refrigerator products all the way up will play an important reference role in the performance of this new product in the national day market.

Hisense Launched a 5-door Refrigerator to Try to Stabilize the High-end Market 1

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