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Chery's New Cars Will Be Equipped with L2 Driving Assistance System, Which Will Be Launched at the E

Recently, we obtained the safety configuration information related to Chery ant, Chery's new pure electric medium-sized SUV, from relevant channels. It is reported that the new car will be equipped with L2 driving assistance system, and the pure electric platform being developed by Chery will be used in vehicle manufacturing. Its NEDC comprehensive endurance mileage will reach 510km and will be officially launched at the end of August.

Then let's talk about the safety configuration of the car in detail. The first is the L2 driving assistance function, which includes 20 intelligent sensors, so as to realize the safety assistance functions such as AEB active braking, LKA lane keeping, ACC adaptive cruise and APA automatic parking. At the same time, the new car adopts the pure electric platform developed by Chery, with an overall size of 4630 / 1910 / 1655mm and a wheelbase of 2830mm.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the design concept of "natural aesthetics", with outstanding overall visual effect. In terms of details, the car adopts a split headlamp group, and adds more horizontal lines and chrome plated elements to decorate the details, which widens the visual effect of the front to a certain extent.

In addition, in terms of practical configuration, the vehicle is equipped with 220V external discharge power supply and 220V exclusive inverter outside the vehicle, which can meet the simple outdoor power demand. At the same time, the car also has cn95 car standard air conditioning filter element, negative oxygen ion purifier, remote one key thermal anti-virus, car fragrance system and other functions. In addition, in terms of intelligence, the car has face ID face recognition and intelligent voice human-computer interaction system. In terms of overall configuration, the car is at the middle and upstream level of models of the same level.

Chery's New Cars Will Be Equipped with L2 Driving Assistance System, Which Will Be Launched at the E 1

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