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10 Good Reasons to Buy the New LG W10

LG is a household name in India and a typical Indian home would certainly have some or the other appliance by LG. And once, LG had a fair bit of share in the Indian smartphone market too.However, since it could not cope up with the immense competition from the Chinese smartphone brands, the popularity of LG dwindled with time, though not lost completely in the smartphone market. Having said that, let bygones be bygones and LG has now taken a big step to beat the competition in the smartphone market with its new W series which is rocking the e-commerce stores.The results of two sale dates with the stocks clearing in minutes are enough to prove that LG is back with a bang and if you need a good smartphone in the budget segment, LG W smartphones are currently the best choice you can have.About LG W10:LG W10 is the younger device in the newly launched W series, but it's equally powerful and brimming with features. Here are 10 reasons which make it one of the most desirable smartphones of the season:1. Smart Display And Stylish Appearance: W10 contains a 6.19-inch screen with a screen resolution of 720 x 1500 pixels, Screen to Body Ratio 81. 13%, and 18. 9:9 aspect ratio. It is available in two colours- Tulip Purple, Smokey Grey2. Power of MediaTek Processor: The smartphone is packed with the smart MediaTek Helio P22 octa-core processor with Cortex A53 and is clocked at 2GHz.3. Latest Operating System: The smartphone contains the latest Android 9. 0 Pie as its OS for amazing performance. 4. Reasonable Internal Storage: You get a reasonable internal storage of 32GB which could store a lot of your data5. Handy RAM: It also comes with handy 3GB RAM which is quite reasonable at the price.6. Great Primary Camera: The rear camera is 13MP 5MP dual camera with an LED flash and it also has features such as as Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, and Touch to focus etc. making it one of the best in the segment.7. Powerful Front Camera: You also get an 8MP front camera with an LED flash which offers really good selfies and also enhances your video call experience8. Amazing Battery Power: The smartphone comes equipped with 4000mAh of battery which is really long-lasting in nature and you can forget your charger for long. 9. Security Features: LG W10 contains security features such as Face Detection and Fingerprint Sensor which not only unlock your phone rapidly and also keep it secure.10. Very Affordable Price: With all these smart features, the smartphone is priced at just 9k and this makes it really effective.No wonder, LG W10 is really good to buy. Go get it!!!

10 Good Reasons to Buy the New LG W10 1

Is it legal for app developers for smartphones to advertise to you you via text message?

Um, click the link and find out.. It's legal..

What are a digital dementia and a pseudo debility?

"Digital dementia" seems to be (from link) an idiosyncratic (and pejorative) term used to describe a high dependence on portable electronics like smartphones, notebooks. See e.g."Why Smartphone Dependence Is Ravaging a Generation" obviously from an alarmist proponent of this phenomenon, or "Mobile phone overuse" on Wikipedia for a more neutral perspective.the more general term seems to be "overuse of technology". Calling it "dementia" probably relates to an influential article (discussed in the previous link) titled "Is Google Making us Stupid?". Another pejorative term is "digital zombie".From the absence of sources you provided, I do not know what "pseudo debility" might be, but based on your def "simplification and flattening of delirium in the modern world" it does not sound terribly related to "digital dementia" in the sense used by Manfred Spitzer.

10 Good Reasons to Buy the New LG W10 2

How do smartphones change the phone's time when we arrive at a new time zone? What is the technology behind it?

there is a "time server" which all electronics receive their time from, this includes cell towers. They usually go off the "universal time" and the zones add or subtract from that -2 hours ahead of UTC or 2 ahead UTC. pretty simple actually.How do smartphones change the phone's time when we arrive at a new time zone? What is the technology behind it?.

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